SIGGRAPH 2019 Is Heading To Los Angeles

The latest 3D imaging and printing technologies are an integral part of the modern design process. This July 28 – August 1, SIGGRAPH 2019 is heading to the Los Angeles Convention Center to exhibit the hottest developments in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

This 46th annual international conference is bringing together innovators from the fields of arts and design; virtual, augmented, and mixed reality; production and animation; gaming and interactive; graphics; and many more areas for five days of thrilling exhibitions.

At the exhibition, guests will have the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge technologies that will soon be changing the workplace for creators across disciplines. In addition to guest networking events and educational panels, the show will also feature awards, courses, forums, VR theater presentations, museum displays, and more interactive events.

Why is SIGGRAPH specifically on our radar? 3D printing is already an exciting technological enhancement to product design, proofing, and prototyping. Many custom tile design molds are now 3D printed, as are furniture pieces and other home accessories. We’ve got our eye on the newest advancements as they happen, so we can help our readers stay on top of all design industry trends and integrate them into their work.

The one place where you can see the future of all these futuristic technologies – and a sneak peek of the realities of tomorrow – is SIGGRAPH.

Stay connected with House Tipster Industry, as we will be bringing you the latest news recaps straight from SIGGRAPH 2019, and unpacking all the information you need to know.

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