Skyline Design Displays Oblique & Chevron Glass Collection at NeoCon

Traditional stained glass is undoubtedly timeless and gorgeous, but its latest contemporary iteration is futuristic and thrilling. This NeoCon 2019 in Chicago, Skyline Design presented the stunning Oblique & Chevron glass collection by Paris-based brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Photography via Skyline Design

To create this exceptional architectural glass collection, which is composed of four pattern variations, “the Bouroullec brothers study the interaction of a color spectrum with two distinct angular patterns,” according to the brand.

For each of the individual pieces, striking colors have been extracted from the artists’ photography, then overlaid onto chevron and oblique patterns and presented as large scale glass creations.

At NeoCon 2019, Skyline Design’s showroom was transformed into an immersive installation where six 8 x 12 foot translucent glass displays showed off the Bouroullecs’ work.

“Oblique & Chevron express the luminosity of glass, particularly the immersive quality of stained glass,” Skyline Design said in a press release.

Photography via Skyline Design/ Studio Bououllec

With designs this geometrical and futuristic, it may at first be challenging to notice its early inspirations. But upon closer inspection, you will see that references to early stained glass artworks makes this collection special.

“Traditional stained glass—with its faceted surfaces and dazzling colors set in lead frames, which both define and offset the richness of the color—was designed to evoke a sense of magic and wonder among medieval churchgoers,” Skyline Design noted. “The Bouroullecs bring the same otherworldly and nearly mystical sense to more abstract patterns, delighting in the play of scale, light, and fluidity created by the interaction between pattern and palette.”

Photography via Skyline Design/ Studio Bououllec

“As stained glass is shaped by its lead frames, the colors are shaped and reshaped by the lines of each individual pattern, their density and distribution changing almost imperceptibly,” the brand explained. “The result is a sense that the glass is almost alive with a delicate pulse, capable of evoking the same sense of wonder as its medieval counterpart.”

Sky Design

Stay tuned for even more exciting new product debuts from NeoCon 2019, coming soon to House Tipster Industry.

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