Columbus College of Art & Design Debuts Virtual Exhibition

Columbus College of Art & Design has created a virtual exhibition to showcase 2,000 works from 490 undergraduate and graduate level students in its program, including recent 2020 graduates.

Titled “Chroma: Best of CCAD,” this exhibit features works of sculpture, paintings, photography, videos, illustrations, and other design work. Many students chose to tackle current themes inspired by the challenges of COVID-19, like identity, connection, and other societal issues.

Peace Museum, Gracie Morbitzer via Chroma 2020

“Chroma is a display of the best of CCAD students across from first-year through graduate students,” said Dean of Undergraduate Studies Thomas Gattis in a press release. “This is a chance to see the brightest rising stars in the art and design world from across all of our majors. Chroma is an excellent tool to scout talent from students who graduated this year and are ready to enter the job market and those that are ready for internships.”

These student works are an impressive presentation representing their potential on a professional design level.

“At CCAD, we place a special emphasis on professional development and creative endeavor, so getting to know emerging artists and following their growing careers is one of the most exciting and interesting opportunities the art world affords,” added Kelly Malec-Kosak, Chair of the Master of Fine Arts program at CCAD. “At this year’s Virtual MFA Thesis Exhibition, you’ll be able to view these talented students’ topical and cutting-edge projects, as well as understand what they are saying about themselves and their work.”

Gracie Morbitzer’s designs for the Peace Museum, via CCAD

The Columbus College of Art & Design showcase can be viewed on the Virtual MFA website now through the year ahead.

Dr. Jennifer Schleuter, Dean of Graduate Studies, explained that the next step is getting this work officially installed in galleries.

“While the virtual exhibition is a great way to promote our MFA candidates’ works in light of COVID-19 crisis, it does not replace in-person presentations,” Schleuter said in a statement. “CCAD is committed to installing and documenting these works in its Beeler Gallery as soon as it is safe to do so.”

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