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Belgard’s Color of the Year 2020 Celebrates Outdoor Living

Something tells us that we’re all going to be spending a decent chunk of our time outdoors this summer.

Image via Belgard

If you’re looking forward to taking in the greenery of a garden or beautifully manicured landscape, there’s a perfect color to consider incorporating into your design schemes. Earlier this year, patio and outdoor living essentials brand Belgard announced its first-ever Color of the Year in time for 2020, an earthy green named Terrarium.

“Accents of Terrarium complement the full range of Belgard colorations, bringing outdoor visions to life – whether on an urban rooftop or at a rural retreat, a suburban backyard or a seaside terrace,” the brand shared in a press release. “Signifying growth, vitality and renewal, hints of this green in design accents and décor allow homeowners to create a biophilic paradise in their backyard.”

When paint brands, color authorities, and design companies announced their own Color of the Year picks for 2020, nature-inspired blues and greens reigned supreme among standout choices. Belgard understands that its own independently-chosen grassy green selection fits perfectly into an outdoor color palette, especially Pantone‘s.

Paint chips via Belgard

“We want to stay true to our roots with Belgard’s first-ever Color of the Year. While Pantone’s Classic Blue lends itself to the sky, Terrarium is grounding with a strong connection to earth,” said Joe Raboine, Director of Residential Hardscapes at Belgard, in a press statement. “The biophilic design initiative aims to connect people and nature with built environments and has taken off in outdoor living and design in recent years. Terrarium is guided by these core biophilic elements with a sleek aesthetic that is cozy yet contemporary.”

Image via Belgard

Belgard recommends working with Terrarium to play with texture and scale in a garden space, and contrasting lush greenery with other natural outdoor materials such as stone, porcelain, gravel, and turf.

“Terrarium coordinates effortlessly with Pantone’s Classic Blue, which Pantone notes is suggestive of the sky at dusk and chosen for its ability to instill calm and bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit,” Belgard also shared on its website. “Together, these two colors are perfect for ushering in a new decade, one that’s sure to be full of technological advances that continue to pull us away from that elusive state of tranquility.”

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