George Oliphant Talks George to the Rescue at KBIS

After ten seasons, George Oliphant of NBC’s George to the Rescue has helped more than 100 families feel more comfortable, safe, and secure in their homes.

Christopher Grubb and George Oliphant

The Inspiration

The idea behind the television show began when Oliphant hosted Open House to the Rescue, a show where he helped homeowners make much-needed improvements to their homes. Although the work was worthwhile and necessary, Oliphant quickly realized that physical changes to a home are just one part of the overall fix.

“There’s so much more that you can do for people,” Oliphant explained to House Tipster host Christopher Grubb at the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. With the help of a team of designers, architects, and product sponsors, Oliphant is able to help families achieve real, long-lasting change in their homes and also in their lives.

The Premise

Besides the easy, peripheral alterations common in interior design such as changing the trim and a space’s window treatments, Oliphant encourages his design teams to find and improve the room that will ultimately improve a person’s living experience. “Sometimes, it’s a kitchen, but other times it’s a basement or a backyard,” he said. Changes such as widening doorways for people who use wheelchairs, or creating an indoor playground for children unable to go outdoors are just a couple of the ways a home improvement and impact someone’s entire life.

Although he’s often working with a limited budget, Oliphant has found that volunteers and product donations go a long way in ensuring his design recipients get the best possible end product. Social media plays a big role in helping recruit local volunteers willing to trade sweat equity for the greater good, and everyone can make a difference. “We’ll find a project to help you help us,” he stressed.

The Impact

For George to the Rescue makeover recipients, it’s not just a want for something better; it’s a need. “We look for people who always put themselves second,”  noted Oliphant. This includes civil servants, military personnel, and those suffering from illnesses who need the help but would never ask for it themselves.

At the end of the day, George to the Rescue is about making sure the “rescued” families receive the very best.

As the acclaimed television show gets ready for its 11th season, be prepared for more heartwarming stories from deserving families all over the country.

Tipster TV has released the full facebook LIVE episode from our special interview, be sure to check it out below.

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