Go Inside Robert Levin’s Andy Warhol Photography Exhibition at Elizabeth Collective

A stunning new exhibition titled “Captured: Andy Warhol in Rare Photographs” by fine art photographer Robert Levin is now on view at The Elizabeth Collective in New York City.

Real estate firm Sebastian Capital recently unveiled the grand opening of The Elizabeth Collective, a remarkable six-story townhouse property in midtown Manhattan that is the former residence of legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor.

The elegant building was originally designed by the famed architectural firm Warren and Wetmore, which is known for creating the iconic Grand Central Terminal.

Now, the space has been extensively restored and has re-opened to the public as a creative art and design destination.

Through a partnership with New York-based gallery and antique purveyor Maison Gerard, the space has been brought to life with exquisite furnishings like historically-relevant sofas, retro-inspired tables, and electrifying contemporary accents.

The eclectic mix of décor makes the interior feel at once a time capsule from a period-specific past as well as a modern, timeless, and thriving space that is full of life and energy.

Benoist F. Drut, owner of Maison Gerard, showed the House Tipster team around the space and highlighted some spectacular standout pieces.

“Once we saw the place, it was so beautiful, but empty,” Drut said.

“It was an opportunity to furnish it with a few things and imagine what could have been,” he added. “I took a lot of freedom, of course, and brought in pieces from various times and periods.”

Some of our favorites prominently on display include a captivating sculptural installation by Irish artist Niamh Barry; a mesmerizing Moroccan mosaic tile table by American artist Bill Willis; and ethereal, cloudlike lighting by Israeli artist Ayala Serfaty.

Robert Levin’s black and white photographs are featured all throughout the building’s floors, sharing a personal, intimate look at the life of the iconic pop artist Andy Warhol.

“Captured” follows the two completely unrestricted days Levin spent with Warhol in 1981, on assignment for the German magazine Stern.

In a series of striking and unprecedented images, we see the famed artist and cultural figure spending time indulging in luxurious skincare routines at the dermatologist’s office, posing with fun Disney character toys, riding his bicycle down East 11th Street, and even getting fit for a bulletproof vest, something he took on after famously surviving an earlier attack.

Scars, smiles, and all, we see Warhol more relaxed and natural than would be expected.

Many of these photographs, shot on Kodak Tri-x film, have not previously been shown publicly.

The “Captured: Andy Warhol in Rare Photographs” exhibition will be on display daily from Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 6 PM, running from January 17 through January 31, 2019. The Elizabeth Collective is located at 10 West 56th Street, New York City.

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