“Modern Naturals” Defines Four Hands’ Designs for 2019

Season after season and market after market, Four Hands continues to draw attention across the design industry for their creative, worldly, and thoughtful furniture designs. While showcasing at the 2019 Winter Las Vegas Market, the Austin, Texas-based outfit once again proved their design prowess.

Charla Adams and Christopher Grubb

This season, Four Hands is focusing on a new theme: modern naturals. “It’s all about the organic shapes you see, and earthy colors,” Director of Product Marketing Charla Adams explained to House Tipster host Christopher Grubb.

And this overarching theme is obvious, down to the lighter woods, mixed materials, and exposed graining found throughout the collection. One of the newest standout pieces, a display cabinet, features a bleached wood topped with black resin which gives off an earthy feel. Special decorative hardware then helps the wood grain pop, creating a versatile look that crosses the design spectrum.

Current modern designs feature an abundance of mixed materials, and Four Hands delivers this fun and contemporary style as well. However, the company also adds an architectural, sculptural edge that’s inspired by the design team’s international travels. “We look for what’s trending [around the world], and see how that applies to the Four Hands aesthetic,” said Adams.

Although Adams anticipates a season or two of neutral colors dominating the market, this doesn’t mean the furniture is bland or simple. Thoughtful details, including leather strapping, clips, closures, interesting hardware, and of course, mixed materials, help add interest to the neutral hues, ultimately creating universally appealing pieces.

One of the biggest surprises of Las Vegas Market was the reemergence of caning for woven chairs and tables, with companies like Four Hands leading the way. Their nesting coffee tables featuring caning don’t resemble the look of yesteryear. Instead, they mixed the traditional caning weave with a darker frame to create a mid-century meets Polynesian look.

As Four Hands begins to unveil their newest designs to the trade throughout early 2019, anticipate darker, more bronzed finishes, tons of oak wood, and a clean, natural design vibe.

Tipster TV has released the full facebook LIVE episode from our special interview, be sure to check it out below.

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