Luxe Reclaimed: A Trade Show Interview with Thomas Andonian

“We hit on something accidentally, and it’s been an incredible hit.”


These words, spoken by Thomas Andonian of House Tipster interview, are in reference to the design homerun and retail favorite, the bicycle console.

The console, which Andonian classifies under the Classic Home’s “Some of a Kind” line (meaning that every bicycle used is different while the profile of the piece remains the same for each one), can serve as a table or a bar and each individual piece is made using a repurposed bike from India. This also happens to be the No. 1 market seller and embodies the California-based company’s philosophy of staying different and attention-grabbing.

This perfect marriage of utilitarian and elegance is part of the design wave that Andonian, the company’s general manager of furniture, eloquently refers to as “Luxe Reclaimed.” The focus here is on the eclectic and different, but with a luxurious bent. Each piece is styled meticulously and made from reclaimed material, ensuring that every piece has its own individual story.

Stone, metal, and concrete are also part of the luxe story. This mixed-media approach plays well with more luxurious design tropes like pastel upholstery and creates what Andonian calls “luxurious-styled living blending with reclaimed woods.” The surprising combination of the luxurious and elegant with the rough and reclaimed has produced some of the biggest-selling pieces for Classic Home.

The pairing of the unanticipated is what makes these pieces so desirable. Tables that are made from reclaimed doors, and functional pieces born from boats and wagon wheels, are also part of this exotic, luxurious canon under the Classic Home One of a Kind and Some of a Kind lines.

The One of a Kind pieces made from reclaimed boats and wagon wheels are some of the most popular, with about 90 percent of the company’s stock already sold. These pieces are dominating the design market thanks to their distinct character and functionality. In a world of mass market produced looks that fade into the background, these pieces stand out for their beauty and rustic accessibility.

As Andonian told House Tipster during its visit to Las Vegas Market from July 30 to Aug. 3, Home Office is becoming an ever-growing category in the design world. This gives Classic Home an opportunity to shine with diverse new office designs that simply cannot be replicated.

“For us, it’s not standard office furniture, obviously. It’s more stylized,” Andonian said. “We have about 15 new desks at market.”

When it comes to accent seating, Classic Home is all about color.

“We’re bringing color back. The industry itself went very monochromatic for a long time with a lot of gray woods, and we’re bringing a lot of life back,” he explained.

Pointing out an old vendor cart from India, Andonian once again showcases the incredible outside-the-box thinking that makes his pieces stand out:

“It’s fun, it’s different. You think about the retailer…they can put this in their store and merchandise small gifts…it’s a fun way to display, not typical.”

This truly shows that the gears of fabulous and unique functionality are always turning at Classic Home. Each piece tells a story and lets the owner impart their own spin, making for an incredible decorating experience.

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