Tracking Trends in the Art World at Las Vegas Market

If only the latest will do in your décor, follow our tour of the art industry at Las Vegas Market to see what’s new in art and wall décor.

Mixed Media

“Everything’s three-dimensional. These pieces are hand made from beginning to end,” said Alan Groch, CEO of Grander Images in Atlanta about the type of art that’s turning heads this year.

“It starts out with a sheet of brand new sheet metal and everything’s hand-hammered, hand-welded, painted, and assembled. So you get a lot of consistency but each piece is still unique because it’s being done by hand,” he said.

Walking through this showroom was an adventure where House Tipster’s Media Team encountered real cow skulls, gilded in 22-karat gold and sterling silver, for wall art. By the very nature of these skulls, this wall décor had to be one of a kind.

“These horns won’t fit on that one,” Groch pointed out. “They are all going to be uniquely different.”

Most of the products are made in China and Thailand but only after Grander Images, a wall décor and sculpture company, has journeyed the globe to discover no one else has yet, said Groch.

“We always strive to find things that our customer can’t find down the street at a neighbor’s store or at a mass merchant. It gets harder and harder every day,” he said.

Often it’s a matter of taking something recognizable and offering it in a new way.

The use of pearl, rose, and acacia wood also makes Grander Images’ designs, including sculpture, quite unique.

Say It with Color

“Landscapes are always very strong but a lot of it all boils down to vibrant or striking colors,” said Bryan Williams, executive vice president of Crestview Collection, a home-décor company based in Memphis, TN.

Even when color is neutral, the artwork drives the room’s design sense.

As Williams explained, “It’s neutral but also brings out other pieces in the assortment that makes it stand out even more.”

“It’s lots of color. It’s fun, and it’s another big category for us,” Yosemite’s David Stein told House Tipster’s Media Team.

Really color was a strong influence on all of the art showrooms we visited during the Las Vegas Market from July 30 through Aug. 3.

Power of Nature

We saw many natural settings in the art-related showrooms, and Williams said there’s definitely been a trend toward featuring more trees in artwork.

“Here are some pieces that are just a beautiful black and white of a tree,” said Groch. “For us big, and black and white, and inexpensive is a real sweet spot.”

Natural materials can also empower your designs.

“We’ve also had pieces that are wooden planks. They’ve got a lot of natural finishes to it,” he said. These lend themselves to a rustic setting but Williams sees a lot of crossover of design categories. So really there are no hard rules when it comes to wall art.

Tempered Glass

With a shimmering effect like mosaic art, tempered glass can bring excitement to any wall. For Crestview Collection, tempered glass is one of the best sellers, Williams said. But tempered glass was a constant in all the showrooms as we discovered on our search for what’s new.

“It’s a fresh clean look and will even support images that are old and rustic and vintage,” said Groch.

Stein considers glass art a very distinctive look and one that’s often inspired by social media.

“What’s driving this is social media. What people like to see on Instagram they like to see on wall art too,” he said.

Bigger is Better

Large-scale wall décor is what’s making a statement in the trendiest homes this year, and Crestview Collection can attest to its popularity.

Yosemite’s 3D art products can also fit in this category. As an alternative to flat paintings, 3D art has strong potential as a focal point for most any room, and Yosemite considers it a best seller.


Yet another way to energize your walls is with artwork made in metallic.

“We have a full line of abstract artwork in metallic and colors of silver, platinum, and gold,” said Stein, Yosemite’s vice president of wholesale sales.

Even the shapes of artwork can add design interest to your rooms, with both vertical and horizontal styles available from Yosemite.

Americana & Iconic

It works well with a colonial home, but really the Americana theme can be embraced in homes of many styles. We saw a lot of Americana at the Las Vegas Market along with iconic buildings and structures like George Washington Bridge, which also make strong topics for wall art.

So if you’re ready for a style change, think big, think colorful, and think one of a kind, and you’ll likely be following the latest design trends, while taking your walls from dull to dynamic.

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