Andy Blank Launches Affordable Artwork Brand

Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Andy Blank is officially launching his own brand and e-commerce retail platform aimed at making great art pieces more accessible to customers.

For his exciting new label, the artist is delivering museum-grade, hand-painted works and hand-framed photography at an unbelievably low price. The pieces, ranging from $99 to $199 in price, come equipped with a ready-to-hand white or black shadowbox frame. And he’s sacrificed nothing in his process.

Photography via Andy Blank

Andy Blank explained that something’s cost shouldn’t compromise its quality. This initiative was created so more people have access to thrilling art pieces without feeling like budget dictates the pieces’ worth – or that they have to resort to only mass-produced pieces.

“When we typically think of ‘affordable’ in the art world, too often that means mass-produced, machine-printed canvases or shoddy work in general, and that’s not good enough,” Blank said in a statement. “Everything about [this brand] is about the product and attention to detail. We wanted to produce art that’s tangible, elegant, and of an extraordinary standard.”

Photography via Andy Blank

The artist has teamed up with other creators, designers, and curators to hand-make small batches of the artworks, so your colorful wall decor pieces will still be the unique and special accessories you crave. There’s no photocopying or printing, so each personality-filled item still retains its originality.

Photography via Andy Blank

“I’m making contemporary art for everyone, but it’s important to maintain the integrity of our product,” Blank said. “To keep artwork feeling fresh and unique, each one is produced in limited quantities and available for only a short period of time.”

Photography via Andy Blank

The selection of Andy Blank artworks can be found on the artist’s website now.

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