Julia Molloy

Julia is one of the top business experts for the interior design industry. With over two decades of experience, and no sign of stopping, she is a force to be reckoned with. 

Julia has a wide range of knowledge and experience, allowing her to complete her main mission of assisting principal designers run their interior design business. Julia has experience in everything from interior design, graphic design, operations and technology sectors.

“I believe design is one of the most powerful mediums for transforming our planet,” said Julia, in a note on her website. “..My gift is the ability to help you tap into your potential, your gift. I believe that when you take your business to the next level, it has a ripple effect on your whole life.”

Expert Consultation

She has been described as “the special sauce” as well as the “silent strength” behind some of the most successful firms worldwide. 

Before starting her own interior design consultation company, Julia had already made an impact on the interior design world. She has built up a small company into a mature organization that was later sold for $65 million. She then went on to run operations for a prestigious Beverly Hills firm, before finally opening up her own business.

Her consultation site features a fantastic collection of courses and reading material for assisting interior design professionals to enhance their business. One option is the $4,500 Business Blueprint, which features a 250+ page guide to running a design business, as well as options for communicating with Julia herself for personalized business answers.

Julia also has a “6 Weeks to Streamlined” course, which features a multi-week virtual course teaching interior design professionals the best ways to run their business.

“I realize that not everyone is in the position to hire me for individual business consultation or a Molloy Makeover,” she says on her site. “It is the combination of all the best streamlining tools and techniques that make the most impact in how your office runs.”


Julia is also the founder of BOLD Summit – Business of Luxury Design Summit. At this special event, she has assisted and inspired luxury design businesses and created fantastic networking and collaboration opportunities for industry professionals.

BOLD also has recently published BOLD by Design Magazine, a magazine dedicated to showcasing interior design news and tips. The magazine, which is in collaboration with Ethos Design Collective, was created “to empower the design build community and create a powerful industry network.”

An Interior Design Superstar

Outside of her consultation business, Julia is a sought after speaker, a Business of Design faculty member, on the Better Practices Network board of advisors, and has been a continued education instructor at New York School of Interior Design, as well as a member of ASID. Molloy has also served as chairwoman of ASID Student Affairs Committee. There’s no stopping Julia. Her amazing experience has given her the magic touch, making her capable of bringing just about any interior design business to the next level. Julia currently works from her office in Portland, Oregon


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