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Leah Atkins, an Atlanta-based interior designer, offers us insights into how to create homely designs. A master at designing homes with a comfortable ambience, Leah attributes her work to the betterment and need of mental health.

As the owner and designer of Leah Atkins studio, she had a perpetual dedication to designing interiors. Leah Atkins said, “We make each project more personal to the family by using family heirlooms or even by simply bringing in certain design elements that make them feel at home. We especially love when families have oil paintings of family members that we can use as the centerpiece of a design. We also make sure that we take the family’s day to day life into consideration and how they will be using each space.”

Assembling pieces and installations to a design, she talked about the importance of color and how the palettes help accent the artwork, upholstery, rugs, and walls, saying, “Color is so important. A lot of people like the idea of a neutral base and adding a pop of color in a pillow or something that can be changed out.” Atkins explained, “don’t be afraid of it. That’s how you get a space you really love. Don’t hold back. Don’t let fear stop you. Let your personality shine through in your home!”

Leah shared her thoughts on how interior design and the concepts provided by designers play a large role in mental health. Talking about the importance of an arrangement, she explained that whether it’s the choice of natural light, warm artificial light or color, they all have a huge effect on a client’s well-being.

“It is important that we spend time in spaces that make us feel joyful. If you can keep plants alive, they are a great addition to any space to aid in mental health,” said the Atlanta-based interior designer.

Talking about the incorporation of nature and mental health, Leah recapitulated the significance to nature, saying “A lot of my clients do love spending time in nature and this is evident in their backyards. Oftentimes they don’t actually have as much time as they would like to spend outside since they are busy families. Using natural elements in the home is one way that I love to bring the outside in. We also draw the attention to the windows with beautiful window treatments that allow plenty of natural light in.”

Inspired by family, Leah associates the familial aspect as an integral part of her life. When she consults and works with married couples, she advises them on the ever-changing moments in their lives. A great option for married couples is to install furniture pieces in darker colors or slipcovers, especially with children. New homeowners should also avoid furnishing with sharp edges, otherwise, they should baby proof the space. ”Ottomans as coffee tables are one simple solution that really helps with having little ones in the house,” Atkins suggested.

She continued by talking about children’s rooms, saying, “Working on kids’ spaces is so much fun! Sometimes they want a space that will grow with the child into their teenage years and other times they want something the kid will love now and can change in a few years. It’s important to have a kid’s input as well. This is their own space in the house. Oftentimes kids don’t have a whole lot of autonomy, so letting them help with or give input on the design of their bedroom or playroom is a huge thing for them! It makes them feel like the space is really theirs.”

Naturally, Leah Atkins also applies her own knowledge from having kids into designing kid-friendly concepts, saying, “We want to make sure that each room is a safe space for the kids to explore freely.”

She explained that, “Southern hospitality in interior design can be summed up with a welcoming foyer, ample seating not just focused on a tv (or a separate room more centered around conversation), large dining rooms, and beautiful guest bedrooms (which are often overlooked but oh so important). Overall, warm comforting spaces that say come on in and sit a spell!”

Leah Atkins Design is a published interior design firm based in the Atlanta area. Their services are offered in the greater Atlanta area, greater Nashville area, Florida coastal regions, and other areas of the United States on a project by project basis. They specialize in home interiors and decor, office/small business customer facing design, space planning, and remodeling concepts. Other services can be provided upon request.

Leah Atkins, owner and designer, has passionately pursued interior design interest since a young age. Her lifelong dedication to design and interiors has given her a unique and artistic talent which is used to continuously provide unmatched design services. Leah Atkins graduated from Carson-Newman University with a four year degree in interior design.

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