Kim Salmela Brings Texture and Taste to Her Norwalk Furniture Line

When you get your career start as creative director for none other than the pop-star Prince, it’s natural for expectations of your work to run high. But owner, atelier, and designer extraordinaire Kim Salmela exceeds expectations–and then some, in all aspects of her designs.

Kim Salmela

Kim Salmela Atelier Collection

Mixing patterns, color, fabrics, and most importantly, textures, Salmela brings a relaxed yet modern, global, and chic vibe to every item she creates.

In 2001, she started her own full-service atelier in the heart of Los Angeles, where she can sketch a piece of furniture in the morning, and see the finished product by the end of the day. “As a designer, I can see my designs come to life as they’re produced,” she told House Tipster host Christopher Grubb at the 2019 Winter Las Vegas Market.

Pillows, sofas, ottomans, and other upholstered goods make up the bulk of Salmela’s work, but it’s the details like travel-inspired patterns and fabric mixing that elevate them.  Plus, everything is made-to-order, meaning that each product is handmade with care and attention.

Partnering with Norwalk Furniture

Two years ago, Salmela was looking to expand her Kim Salmela Atelier Collection but wasn’t interested in taking on more overhead and increased rent costs. Through a connection with Caroline Hipple, president of Norwalk Furniture, Salmela found a new outlet that would encourage her growth and bring her back to her design roots.

Here in Las Vegas, Salmela is on-site presenting the result of her collaboration with Norwalk, a company known for high-quality, custom products. Ethnic prints modernized with stripes and colors abound in the collection. Most of these fun, universal designs were inspired by Salmela’s upbringing in Europe and her love of international travel.  

Show Stopping Designs

What’s most noticeable about Salmela’s Norwalk Furniture designs is their modern edge combined with family-friendly function.

Understanding that modern consumers generally have one seating area and possibly even just one sofa in their homes, Salmela sought to design versatile sofas and chairs with deep seats and comfortable fabrics for everyday use.

In one of the showroom’s vignettes, a couch featuring a sexy, terracotta-hued fabric is paired with a modern frame and rounded rail perfect for a family room. The Quinn Ottoman with alternating fabric adds a functional yet chic addition to the space and offsets the terracotta sofa perfectly.

Another showstopper, the wingback Calhoun Chair, features Salmela’s signature multi-fabric upholstery. By mixing two solids, she created a racing stripe looks that’s both clean and chic.

If you’re looking for a nap-friendly sofa, don’t overlook the Annalise Sofa, which contains armrest pillows and an interesting shape ideal for lounging. Mix and match Salmela’s vibrant pillows for an extra spirited look.

With strong detailing, vibrant designs, and a sophisticated overall appearance, Kim Salmela’s work transcends categorization. It’s the perfect example of what a designer can accomplish by focusing, not on trends, but on what feels right at the moment.  

And thankfully, Kim Salmela is just getting started. If you’re as eager as we are to see what’s next from this stellar designer, stay tuned throughout the year for more updates on Kim Salmela’s collection with Norwalk Furniture.

Tipster TV has released the full facebook LIVE episode from our special interview, be sure to check it out below.

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