Wellborn Cabinet Sees Modern Simplicity as the Next Big Thing

In the heart of Ashland, Alabama lies a company known for crafting some of the finest cabinetry on the market.

To this day, Wellborn Cabinet, established in 1961 by Paul and Doug Wellborn, continues to push the needle forward in terms of design and manufacturing practices after nearly 60 years in the industry.

Options About at KBIS

In mid-February, Wellborn Cabinet showcased their latest designs at the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

Angela O’Neill

At the surface, what sets Wellborn Cabinet apart is their semi-customization capabilities. Although wood is a common cabinet material, Wellborn offers more than just a traditional oak door. Cherry, maple, hickory, oak, medium density fiberboard, and laminate round out the main options, along with multiple finish choices including stains, stains with glazes, paints, laminates, and melamine.

A small sampling of the company’s material and finish options were on display in a rotating wall of doors during KBIS.

Wellborn Vignettes

Vignettes also played a large role in helping Wellborn Cabinet show their products in their real-life applications during the three-day event. A spa-like vignette, easily one of the most impressive spaces in Wellborn’s booth, featured the brand’s modern cabinet doors in a mint green meets warm brown hue. According to Angela O’Neill, director of marketing at Wellborn, the design was based on wanting to bring the look and feel of a spa into the residential space. With the help of Wellborn Cabinets, “we don’t have to go to the spa to have a spa,” she explained.

The booth’s home office vignette used dual-color cabinets featuring the brand’s new green paint “Olive” blending with a stain shell and accented with brass hardware.

Another exhibition, a farmhouse-inspired space characterized by a blend of rich brown, opaque light grey, and dark grey, verged more on transitional than traditional and had a handmade look currently favored by millennials.

Current and Future Cabinet Trends

Although there’s no true customer-favorite when it comes to cabinet design, O’Neill believes that consumers are leaning more toward modern designs with simple door profiles and a Shaker twist this season.

And don’t overlook color in modern cabinet design. While grey and white are definitely on their way out, be prepared for pops of warm hues in the coming months and years.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to try green and blue cabinets, now is the time! While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out all the options available to you through Wellborn Cabinet.

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