Valspar 2020 Paint Trends in the Home

Valspar has announced 12 trending paint colors it believes will be most influential in the year 2020. The nature-inspired hues are Winter Calm, Mint Whisper, Canyon Earth, Grey Brook, Tempered Sage, Desert Fortress, Secluded Garden, Bombay Pink, Pale Powder, Utterly Blue, Crushed Out, and Secret Moss. For the first time in the brand’s history, the color lookbook was photographed in real homeowners’ spaces – representing how these beautiful shades play out in functional settings. See each of the shades in action throughout real residential spaces in the brand’s photo gallery below.

Valspar Colors of the Year 2019

Get to know Deep Mystical Purple, Healing Airy Blue, Chalky Sea Green, Crisp Illuminated Violet, Joyful Bright Marigold, Pale Natural Olive, Honest Primary Blue, Soft Rosy Mauve, Calm Hazy Blue, Active Lime Green, Blonde Wood Yellow, and Expressive Fringe Orange. These shades are all part of Valspar’s trending paint color forecast for 2019.