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Valspar Announces 12 Colors of the Year for 2020

Paint brand Valspar has announced 12 nature-inspired shades in its trending 2020 Colors of the Year palette.

“Earth’s prescription for the chaotic, busy lives we all live is to bring the tranquility of nature and the outdoor world into the home. That’s exactly what we set out to accomplish when forecasting the 2020 Colors of the Year,” says Sue Kim, Valspar Color Marketing Manager at Sherwin-Williams, in a press release. “Take Mint Whisper, for instance. The crisp shade brings a sense of peace — and nature’s positivity — indoors.”

This year, Valspar is trying something new by announcing a dozen tranquil shades, but it is also presenting them in a new way too. Each of the lookbook images were photographed in real DIYers’ homes, so we can see the shades on display in genuine home improvement projects.

Below, we are breaking down each of the lovely shades so you know what to expect in the year ahead.

1. Winter Calm

Eva’s Family Room in Winter Calm, Chicago, Ill.

Valspar calls the delicate greige shade Winter Calm, “soothing and warm, bringing a comforting sophistication to a space.” The brand recommends pairing the earthy neutral with natural textiles for the best effect. Not that at Lowe’s, this shade is called 4001-1B Winter Calm, while independent retailers may stock the color as V127-4 Mystical Gray.

2. Mint Whisper

David’s Bathroom in Mint Whisper, Philadelphia, Penn. (PRNewsfoto/Valspar)

“This crisp hue brings a sense of peace — and nature’s positivity — indoors,” Valspar explains. “The combination of mint and white keep small spaces feeling light and airy.”

At Lowe’s, you’ll find the paint shade as 5008-7A Mint Whisper, while independent retailers may carry V064-1 Ocean Silk.

3. Canyon Earth

Tonya’s Foyer in Canyon Earth, Pontiac, Mich.

Valspar calls “peachy-hued” Canyon Earth “an elegant hue reminiscent of the desert, nature’s prescription for less stress.” Don’t we all need a little bit of that? At Lowe’s, be on the lookout for color name 1007-9C Canyon Earth, while independent retailers may refer to the color as V082-4 Belfry Brick.

4. Grey Brook

Kelsey’s Dining Room in Grey Brook, Ithaca, N.Y. (PRNewsfoto/Valspar)

“This pale blue welcomes you into a space like a cozy warm blanket,” Valspar shares in its press notes. “This charming bluish gray works in perfect harmony with classic wood tones, creating a timeless space.”

At Lowe’s, this shade is called 5001-1B Grey Brook, while independent retailers may source V139-3 Lagoon Reflection.

5. Tempered Sage

Christopher’s Breakfast Nook in Tempered Sage, Burbank, Calif.

Valspar invites us all to “embrace a calming balance with this fresh take on a lime green.” The brand recommends using the “spirited, sunny green” shade Tempered Sage  with natural wood tones.

At Lowe’s, be on the lookout for color name 6006-5A Tempered Sage, or as independent retailers may call it, V058-1 Ethereal One.

6. Desert Fortress

Cheerie’s Bedroom in Desert Fortress, Cincinnati, Ohio

Valpar calls Desert Fortress “a comforting tone that leaves a blank canvas to fill with our own interpretation.” Lowe’s calls this relaxing color 2008-10B Desert Fortress, while independent retailers may stock V134-2 Beach Dune.

7. Secluded Garden

Donna’s Dining Room in Secluded Garden, Prosper, Texas

“A vibrant jewel tone creates a nostalgic sanctuary in a fresh, new way,” Valspar says of Secluded Garden. “This elegant green gets a touch of glamour with touches of delicate brass.”

At Lowe’s, you’ll find this shade listed as 5002-4A Secluded Garden, and independent retailers may stock V102-5 Ship Shape.

8. Bombay Pink

June’s Home Office in Bombay Pink, Nashville, Tenn.

Valspar calls Bombay Pink “a mature pink that is confidently cheerful like a spring sunset,” and adds that “gold accents elevate Bombay Pink to posh new heights.”

Look for shade name 1006-8B Bombay Pink at Lowe’s, the same as independent retailers’ color name V078-3 Mediterranean Sunset.

9. Pale Powder

Nick’s Living Room in Pale Powder, Tucson, Ariz.

Valspar says this “nostalgic dusty apricot” called Pale Powder is a “fresh take on a warm neutral inspired by handmade authenticity.”

At Lowe’s, be on the lookout for shade name 3001-8A Pale Powder, which independent retailers may call V084-3 Emery Board.

10. Utterly Blue

Chad’s Master Bath in Utterly Blue, Waco, Texas

“Find movement in a room with this blue that’s calming like a sea breeze,” Valspar invites. “Crisp whites and pristine chrome pair with this tranquil blue to create a spa-like retreat.”

At Lowe’s, this color is called 4006-7B Utterly Blue, while independent retailers may stock shade name V110-3 Barking Creek.

11. Crushed Out

Erin’s Living Room in Crushed Out, Ithaca, N.Y.

“This hushed blush with a slight tint of pink brings a fresh new take on off-white,” Valspar says. “The contrast of greens, blues and reds make this soft pink recede into a beautiful neutral backdrop.”

At Lowe’s, look out for 7001-19 Crushed Out, referred to by independent retailers as V129-1 Romantic White.

12. Secret Moss

James’s Guest Room in Secret Moss, Moline, Ala.

“Naturally therapeutic, this dusky moss green creates a calming escape in any room,” Valspar says in its press release. “Soft neutrals and minimalist décor allow this charming green to make a statement.”

Lowe’s calls this color 5005-2A Secret Moss, and independent retailers may name it V144-5 Thames Fog.

Curious to see what other paint companies and interior design brands will name as their own Color of the Year 2020 picks? Stay tuned to House Tipster Industry, where we’ll be bringing you the latest color news and trends as it happens.

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