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Behr Unveils 2020 Color Trends Palette

Ahead of its official Color of the Year 2020 announcement, paint brand Behr has unveiled 15 hot hues as part of three curated color sets that are on track to be influential in the upcoming year ahead.

The three color collections are named Worldhood, Restore, and Atmospheric. The tranquil and globally-inspired paint shades have several potential applications across interior design spaces.

“Each color in the 2020 Color Trends palette evokes an organic beauty that resonates with both modern and traditional commercial environments, from renovated industrial office spaces to hospitality venues,” Behr Paint Company Vice President of Color and Creative Services, Erika Woelfel, said in a press statement.

Bubble Shell. Photo courtesy of Behr

“As residential and commercial design trends continue to blend, this eclectic palette of balanced neutrals, earthy greens, lavish oranges, and more will offer professional designers and DIYers an opportunity to transform spaces into experiences that not only enhance the aesthetic of an environment, but impact how people feel,” Woelfel added.

Below, we are breaking down each of the trendsetting color palettes, and sharing how some of our top shade picks could be used across various design spaces.


Charismatic. Photo courtesy of Behr

Worldhood is a warm neutral palette, comprised of the shades Bubble Shell S160-3, Cider Spice S210-5, Red Pepper PPU2-02, Charismatic PPUG6-14, and Rumba Orange M230-7.  The pinks, yellows, and oranges are vibrant and welcoming.

“Colors within Worldhood create an inviting environment, perfect for the hospitality industry,” Woelfel said. “Customers of restaurants, hotels, and other businesses will feel drawn to the rustic tones inspired by exotic travels that reflect natural rugged landscapes.


Bluebird. Photo courtesy of Behr

Restore is all about nature-inspired cool tones, including Secret Meadow S360-6, Back to Nature S340-4, Light Drizzle N480-1, Bluebird PPU15-12, and Dragonfly PPU12-03. Each hue is a perfect pop of color for a space, or a refreshing accent shade.

“Blues and greens create a soothing sanctuary, which is why we recommend them for healthcare and hospitality environment,” Woelfel shared.


Graphic Charcoal. Photo courtesy of Behr

Finally, Atmospheric takes your basic blacks, whites, and beiges and gives them a dusty, almost pastel finish. The versatile collection features Dusty Lilac N110-1, Creamy Mushroom PPU5-13, Painter’s White PPU18-08, Battleship Gray N360-4, and Graphic Charcoal N500-6.

“The Atmospheric palette resounds with both modern and traditional environments, making it a great choice for multifamily housing or other commercial spaces,” Woelfel said.

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