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Dunn-Edwards Names Hint of Spring April 2020 Color of the Month

Each month, paint brand Dunn-Edwards announces a new Color of the Month pick to look out for in the next 30 days ahead.

Dunn-Edwards Hint of Spring

April’s Color of the Month has been named Hint of Spring DE5512, a pastel yellow that is sure to brighten up any space with some seasonal cheer.

“Hint of Spring is a buttery soft green-yellow, like the tight buds of unwound lilies and petals of Sweet Fennel and Walker’s Suncup — all flowers that grow in the American west,” the brand shared in its monthly design blog.

“The pastel shade represents the newness of the year and the importance of novelty to spice up life. Hint of Spring plays a role in our larger focus on pastels in the trends we’ve highlighted in our Fresh and Free color + trend story,” Dunn-Edwards explained. “This year, the colors we’ve focused on represent playfulness and the balance of grounding presence while seeking new adventures and opportunities. Pastels represent this dichotomy wonderfully, which is one reason our color of the year and color for March is the pastel shade Minty Fresh.”

Hint of Spring, photo via Dunn-Edwards

“Echoing centuries of springtime odes, Hint of Spring reflects our love of rebirth and renewal,” added Sara McLean, Dunn-Edwards color expert, in a statement via Coatings World. “The light, lemon-lime hue reminds us of the first blooms that quietly emerge, nourishing our planet as well as our souls.

Dunn-Edwards recommends pairing Hint of Spring with the yellow-green shade Leaf Bud DE5514 or the crisp white Whisper DEW340 for an instant refresher. For a deep blue contrast, the company also recommends using Deepest Sea DE5825.

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