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Dunn-Edwards Names Purple Springs May 2020 Color of the Month

Each month, paint brand Dunn-Edwards announces a new Color of the Month pick to look out for in the next 30 days ahead.

May 2020’s Color of the Month has been named Purple Springs DE5955, a vibrant and peppy purple that’s sure to remind you of the first tulips and crocuses to bloom in spring. Or, of course, iconic lavender fields that call to mind the ultimate relaxation we all need right now.

Purple Springs. Image via Dunn-Edwards

“The special color of purple conjures images of the vast lavender fields in Provence, France and reminds us that we will travel and explore once again,” the brand shared in its monthly design blog.

“Purple might seem utterly feminine and soft, yet it’s a surprisingly versatile color with which to design a room around,” Dunn-Edwards shared. “Looking across the spectrum from May’s color of the month Purple Springs to more aubergine, brown-infused tones, unveils a slew of colors that emit power and refinement. From light, airy and delicate tones like Snow Plum (DE5973), or dramatic and mysterious hues like Purple Potion (DE5958), our Perfect Palette lets you explore the breadth of purple’s power.”

Image via Dunn-Edwards

The brand recommends Purple Springs paired with more shades in its color family, including Smashed Grape DE5963, Concord Jam DE5964, Alpine Moon DE5953, York Plum DE5968, and Mulberry DEA194. Additionally, pops of vibrant yellow or crisp white work as wonderfully complements to this rich grape hue.

Stay tuned for even more paint brands’ trending color picks, coming each month to House Tipster Industry.

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