Kathy Ireland Launches Kitchen Hacks Product Collection

Global Kitchen Concepts by Kathy Ireland has launched a new kitchenware and décor collection called Kitchen Hacks, designed to make kitchen work more efficient and beautiful.

The debut product range consists of handy kitchen accessories, like storage containers, compartmentalized trash cans, backsplash rail racks, shelves, cabinet handles, drawer dividers, pantry organizers, and more. The focus of the collection is truly on “hacks,” which are shortcuts to getting kitchen work done quicker, optimizing small spaces, and transforming any kitchen work space into a higher-end design easily and affordably.

Imagery via Global Kitchen Concepts Kathy Ireland

Additionally, the collection features artisan-made cookware and accessories, like cutting boards, glass top pots, cutlery, racks, plate holders, and more. Brand Ambassador Chef Andre Carthen was part of the design process, along with the GKC team.

“We are absolutely thrilled to expand the GKC | kathy ireland brand,” said Global Kitchen Concepts brand CEO Mayan Metzler in a press statement. “Kitchen Hacks was designed to truly change the aesthetic and functionality of kitchen space simply by using various ‘hacks.’ By making simple changes, such as switching out the hardware on cabinets or adding a backsplash rack, customers can efficiently and effectively transform the entire look and feel of their kitchen.”

Imagery via Global Kitchen Concepts Kathy Ireland

“Finding solutions for families and businesses is kiWW’s mission statement since the beginning, and we are delighted to bring the GKC | kathy ireland Kitchen Hacks to people’s homes,” added Kathy Ireland, Chair, CEO and Chief Designer of kathy ireland Worldwide. “Great kitchens must not only look great, but they also need to be as functional as possible. With Kitchen Hacks accessories, it is possible to enhance your existing kitchen with the latest and greatest gadgets — at affordable prices.”

Imagery via Global Kitchen Concepts Kathy Ireland

The complete debut Kitchen Hacks collection is now available through the GKC Kitchen Hacks website.

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