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Delia Anne: From Tennessee To Tribeca

Delia Anne, an artist based in Tribeca and the owner of Delia Anne Art, is an abstract artist with a penchant for layering colors and fusing textures on the canvas. 

Originally born and raised in Alabama, Delia was a bonafide nomad at an early age. Going to high school in Mississippi, then moving to Nashville after graduating college, it was kismet of her to move to New York. Although moving to the Big Apple was quite the transition, Delia knew what she wanted, taking the proverbial leap of faith during the pandemic three years ago.

Although it took ten years for her to find the courage, Delia knew that this was a journey she needed to take, it was a calling that she couldn’t ignore. Delia said, “It’s kind of been a long time coming, as a teenager, in middle school, I would sit at the table, I would sketch, pencil, charcoal, and it was mainly stuff that I would see on tv, that I would see on magazines or ads. I got really obsessed with drawing Joe Camel from the cigarette ads. For some reason, I would sketch that over and over.” 

Delia’s creations were most inspired by the emotions she would feel from her experiences in the city. The palettes she feels most captivated by were pigments that she pulled from her childhood, whether it was Sea Green or Carnation Pink Crayola, Delia wanted to offer her own energy and nostalgia to her work. 

“I’m just a mushy, emotional, loving person. Everything feels like love to me in a way,” said the abstract artist, “even the smallest things, I feel very moved by, and emotional by. Not emotional like overwhelmed and sad, but emotional like, ‘I’m so glad I’m seeing this, I’m experiencing this’, and I’m getting to feel this way.” 

Talking about her lively youth, Delia recounted the days when her father would share his love for science fiction, saying, “It was something I had in common with my daddy. He would always read Isaac Asimov, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King. And whatever he would leave on the table, I would pick up and take to my room. I read ‘Flowers in the Attic’, when I was thirteen years old, and that was jarring.”

Quickly becoming one with the art community, Delia felt both the love and support from her fellow peers and artists. She explained how there is a certain vulnerability that each artist shares with one another, explaining how the feeling of exposing one’s art creates a sense of empathy amongst the community. The risk of putting yourself out there becomes a bond.

Launching an art show in the East Village, Delia curated collections, forming a collective of twelve artists. Utilizing the small space that they rented, each artist showcased five pieces each for their individual collections. “It was kind of my inaugural collection, if you will, my first collection to be shown in New York,” stated Delia.

A mixed-vendor market and event space, 3rd & B’Zaar is located at 191 E. Third St. at the intersection between Avenue A and Avenue B. Owned and curated by Maegan Haward, Sara Ann Rutherford and Delphine Le Goff, the pop-up in the East Village also sells vintage clothing.      

Shifting her career to the next level, Delia Anne moved her work to a studio she rented in Tribeca, stating, “My biggest dream was to have my own studio in New York, which, oh my god, I have!” 

She was especially excited to announce her exhibition in Palmer Art gallery, where her pieces will be on full display. She said, “Some of [my work] is in Larchmont right now, I’m getting ready to be a part of my first gallery representation,” exclaiming, “they’re going up this week!  

Palmer Art has provided quality custom art and framing services to Larchmont and surrounding areas since 1958. Currently owned and operated by Carlos Rodriguez, The Store became busier than ever in mid-2020, receiving a high volume of requests for products and services. This led to the decision of expansion, moving from a small store to a 2000 square foot gallery and showroom. Delia Anne Art will continue to be on display throughout the month of June. 

Based in New York, Delia fills canvases, both large and small, with lavish layers of textured swipes and splashes of paint, filled with brightly vivid colors and bold brush strokes that match her personality. Creating stunning and mesmerizing patterns that will liven up any space.

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