Maison & Objet Announces Work Theme for September 2019 Showcase

This September, Maison & Objet‘s Fall 2019 event, designers, architects, and more professionals will be working together in celebrating the idea of workplace revolution and new living spaces. The theme of WORK! has been set for the season, as a response to changing office settings.

“Our new relationship with work, driven by social change, is reinventing the office,” Maison & Objet shared in a press release. “Digitization is making us more mobile and liberating us from traditional work settings. Work is now nomadic. Collaborative and participatory tools have led to the rise of co-working spaces, which offer a more enjoyable and interactive way to work. In the age of social media and rugged individualism, employees are taking ownership of their workspace and personalizing it.”

Maison & Objet’s WORK! theme is all about showcasing exhibitors who have developed modern workplace design solutions for today’s changing offices. Manufacturers, distributors, planners, residential designers, and many more individuals across the industry have certainly been tasked with making new work spaces comfortable and effective.

So what can we expect from the upcoming show?

“The theme’s most exciting new finds, curated by Chantal Hamaide and staged by Philippe Boisselier, will be featured in one of the ‘What’s New’ zones, highlighting some of the many furnishings, items and accessories that can help add personality to a new workspace,” Maison & Objet shared. “This edition will also feature a conference program dedicated to WORK! and presented by market experts, notably giving visitors the opportunity to discover exemplary projects with an international emphasis. Business meetings will also bring all those responsible for finding office design solutions face to face with manufacturers and designers over the course of the 5-day event. Last but net least, an expert will present his architect’s vision by staging a zone that focuses on interaction: an immersive experience showcasing today’s new sociable work spaces.”

Maison & Objet will be taking place in Paris from September 6-10, 2019. Stay tuned for all of the latest news ahead of the show, plus exclusive event coverage, right from the House Tipster Industry team.

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