Christopher Grubb highlights his work beliefs, design inspirations

For Christopher Grubb, design is in his blood.

Grubb’s grandfather worked construction, his father an estimator for building products, and his grandmother a giftware store owner.

“My grandmother’s store left an impression because they sold things that were very transitional, contemporary, traditional,” described Grubb. “I think it really helped me when I was trying to do displays or set up table tops. What is the client about? Who is this for?”

Grubb is president of the Beverly Hills-based Arch-Interiors Design Group, which he established in 1994. The company is internationally recognized for its creative and unique work that suits the needs of its many types of clients, from residential, commercial, beauty and retail spaces all the way to medical and health-based clients.

Grubb takes his design inspiration from his travels and from being around different cultures.

“Seeing how [different cultures] see an aesthetic,” he said. “What is something that’s a texture for them, a color for them?”

The designer described his work as being for the client but also stated the importance of allowing creativity from his staff. 

“I have senior designers work with me and a chance they can express themselves in each project.”

Grubb is proud of his and his companies’ design recognition in publishing and television. 

“It is an attribute of the talent of my company and what we put into it,” he said. “We are only as good as our clients let us be.”

Outside of work with Arch-Interiors, Grubb works as a sought-after speaker in the design industry. He works as an editorial advisor to the Kitchen and Bath Business as well as an educator with his work with Construct-Ed and the National Kitchen and Bath Association webinar series. He has been awarded multiple prestigious awards, including being named one of the 50 Innovators in Kitchen and Bath Design News in 2017 as well as being picked as Person of the Year in 2019 by Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine. Grubb also works for House Tipster as a host and producer of design segments. 

Grubb is also the creator of The C.G. Collection by Christopher Grubb as well as Autograph by Christopher Grubb, both unique and beautiful interior design brands which feature bathroom furnishings, lighting and faucetry. His newest role is that of author, with his upcoming book “Am I Doing it Right?” based on his popular lecture.

More information on Christopher Grubb and his work can be found at his personal website,


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