Kohler Co. Releases Product Preview for 2021

Leading interior design innovator Kohler Co. is kicking off the new year with a new line of products for 2021.

The American company, which has been a leader in design, innovation and manufacture of kitchen and and bath products, engines and power systems, and luxury cabinetry since 1873, has announced the release of 12 new products for the new year. The new releases are perfect for any homeowner or designer looking to make the perfect bath or kitchen.

Photography via Kohler Co. 

Included in that new line are many aspects of the kitchen that could be revamped from faucets to kitchen sinks to lights. The Tone Kitchen Faucet Collection is a five-piece collection featuring brand new designs. The collection is crafted from premium metal and is available in multiple finishes including Polished Chrome, Vibrant Stainless, Matte Black, Moderne Brushed Brass, as well as two new trendy combination finishes, Matte Black/Moderne Brushed Brass and Matte Black/Polished Chrome.

Kohler’s Riff Kitchen Faucet features a sleek, modern aesthetic.

The new four-piece Riff Kitchen Faucet Collection is perfect for those looking to bring a more modern aesthetic into their kitchen. The geometric design features advanced technology and durability, including Sweep spray, which creates a wide, powerful blade of water, and Boost technology, which increase the flow rate by 30 percent. The collection also utilizes DockNetik magnetic docking system and ProMotion technology, ensuring users ease of use. The collection is available in Polished Chrome, Vibrant Stainless, Matte Black, Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Moderne Brushed Brass.

Not only is color and design completely customizable, your faucets can also be designed to be touchless and voice-activated. Both the Tone Kitchen Faucet Collection and the Riff Kitchen Faucet Collection feature the option of including KOHLER Konnect, a voice-activated program, as well as Kohler Response, touchless controls.

“We’ve seen touchless and voice activation grow a lot over the past year as we’re all spending a lot more time at home and thinking about what we’re touching and what we’re cleaning and just being aware of hygiene in those spaces,” said Vicki Valdez-Hafenstein who works in public relations for Kohler. KOHLER Konnect is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home Kit. Both faucet collections start at $350.

The collection also includes new kitchen sinks.

The Ironridge Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Individuals looking to bring aspects of traditional farmhouse into a more contemporary, modern world should look to the new Kohler Ironridge Sink. The new cast-iron sink has thinner, slightly tapered apron creating a sleek profile. The sink features a nine-inch deep basin, with an offset drain in a sloped bottom. It is available in eight colors, with pricing starting at $1,599.

Kohler also released some brand-new, innovative additions for bathrooms.

The brand-new Moxie showerhead featuring portable speaker technology.

The Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker is a new fully-waterproof addition to the line which allows hands-free control of audio and other smart products, all while in the comfort of your shower. The speaker is portable, and is available as a standalone or in combination with the showerhead. Harman Kardon designed the sound technology, and has tuned it specifically for a showering space.

Color combinations include polished chrome/white, brushed nickle/grey, and matte black/grey. The design comes in two different styles, one with a Bluetooth speaker at $179, and another featuring an Amazon Alexa speaker at $239.

The 2-in-1 Freespin showerhead has a unique 360-degree rotating design.

Those looking for a more classic showerhead should look to Kohler’s 2-in-1 Freespin shower head, which is both a showerhead and hand shower that can be set up as horizontal or vertical to create an almost spa-like experience. It features Kohler’s signature Katalyst full-coverage spray as well as a pulsating massage and silk spray. The showerhead is available in the collection’s full line of finishes. It is available in Awaken at $181 and Purist at $324.

Kohler’s new artifacts deco handle in Nero Marquina.


Kohler’s new mirror design in Capsule.

In the bathroom collection, there is also the Artifacts Deco Handles where you can customize your handles, spout and finish. New marble colorstyles, Nero Marquina and Howlite, feature an artdeco-style design.

Also featured in the new releases are new mirrors, in three-new styles, Round (28″). Capsule (20×40″), and Rectangle (22×34″). They are crafted for high-moisture environments, making them perfect for bathrooms. The collection starts at $260.

“These are just standard, pretty simplistic mirrors but a great way to add a lot of striking beauty to the space. [It is] an upgrade from a standard mirror to something that is color-matched to your faucets or to your [light] fixtures,” said Valdez-Hafenstein.

The Kohler vanity style in Beauxline.

Kohler is also expanding its vanity line with nine new vanity styles. The vanities were created to keep in mind both utility and style. The new styles include Harken, Envio, Lodern, Beauxline, Winnow, Helst, Southerk, Hearthaven, and Seer.

“Regardless of what your bathroom décor looks like, you can find a style that fits within these collections,” said Valdez-Hafenstein. More information on styles of each can be found on the Kohler website.

The new Water Monitoring technology, in collaboration with Phyn.

Kohler is partnering with Phyn to create Kohler Whole Home Water Monitoring System to launch two new products. With these products, both systems learn the water habits of a household, understanding how much each space typically uses. It watches for unusual amounts of water and alerts the homeowner to prevent potential leaks or if the water is still left on in a room. The Whole Home Water Monitor is $300, while a design featuring a one-touch app button shut off goes for $500.

One of Kohler Lighting’s newest styles, Arendela, which has been described as “the jewelry of the entire Kohler Lighting group.”

Kohler also has four new lighting collections: Hauksbee, Vorleigh, Parohn, and Arendela. All four styles are unique and have the possibility of fitting a mix of tastes, lifestyles and budgets. More information on these variety of styles are available on Kohler’s website.

KALISTA, a subdivision of Kohler, also announced some brand new releases for the kitchen and bathroom.

KALLISTA’S Central Park West bathroom collection
KALLISTA’s Juxtapose collection features brand-new kitchen faucets.

Created in collaboration with designer Mick De Giulio, a new kitchen-faucet collection titled the Juxtapose Collection was announced. It features a variety of styles, including a Single-Hole Semi Professional Faucet, a Single-Hole Bar Faucet, a Wall-Mount Pot Filler, and a Soap/Lotion Dispenser.

The brand also announced the release of Central Park West in collaboration with architecture and design-firm, Robert A.M. Stern Architects. The new bathroom collection features new brassware, with new sink and bath faucets, and a full range of accessories including a shower door handle, towel bar, and handle escutcheon. The collection will be available starting June 2021.

Robern’s new Digital Lockbox.

Rounding out the new releases are brand-new lighted mirrors from Robern, a subdivision of Kohler. Five new design collections from the brand were released. Some brand-new storage elements were added to the brand, including The IQ Digital Lockbox, which offers discreet storage behind a stylishly designed lighted mirror, and the PL Portray Medicine Cabinet, which features an ergonomically thoughtful storage. Other additions include the Magnification Mirror, the Modular Mirror collection, and the Vesper Vertical Lighting Collection.

What is your favorite new release from Kohler? Sound out in the comments below. Brand new additions are always being added to the Kohler collection, so keep on the look out for new releases which may just be the finishing touch to your bathroom and kitchen designs.

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