Universal Furniture and Nina Magon Unite for New Line

Understanding that High Point historically lacked a European-meets-modern influence, Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design partnered with Universal Furniture to bring a taste of “luxury European modern” to Market.

The result, “Universal Furniture | Nina Magon: A Design Collaboration,” offers a take on modern rarely seen here in the United States.

Nina Magon and Neil Mackenzie. Photography by House Tipster

The House Tipster Industry team spoke with Nina Magon and Neil Mackenzie, director of marketing at Universal Furniture, to get the inside scoop on this premier partnership.

“Universal Furniture | Nina Magon: A Design Collaboration,” is a 50-piece collection based on Magon’s travels and passion for functional, small-scale furniture and home decor. It’s a new niche for Universal, but one the company is very pleased to break in to.

“[The collection] expanded our product portfolio,” noted Mackenzie.

What can you expect in this modern-meets-classic line? According to Magon and Mackenzie, it’s all about the details, including stone, shapes, tinted glass, tinted mirrors, and bronze accents. There are bursts of color, but they’re never overwhelming.

Plus, most pieces are smaller and sit lower to the ground, meaning their ideal for small-space living and minimalists.

You’ll also have a lot of wrapped textiles and vegan leathers, and illusions of floating objects, as evidenced with a large-based coffee table and vanity.

Take the Marcel Console, a piece with abundant European style. The piece features curved bronze legs and a marble top that is both sophisticated stylish. Magon calls it “functional art,” and we have to agree.

Another star piece is Magon’s Hermes-inspired couch. Buckle details, a Hermes signature, decorate the back of the sofa, while the matching console with quilted leather front completes the look.

Although it’s great to see this style thriving at High Point, it’s the little touches that elevate “Universal Furniture | Nina Magon: A Design Collaboration.”

Leather-topped tables, rounded knobs, curved edges, angled legs: it’s evident that Magon worked hard to perfect these finishes.

House Tipster just wrapped up an exciting week at High Point Market. Stay tuned for the latest coverage from the event as well as other design industry events in the coming weeks! In the mean time, catch the full HPMKT live stream video with Nina Magon and Neil Mackenzie below.

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