Julia Molloy Talks BOLD International Business Plans at Dallas Market

Business of Luxury Design International founder Julia Molloy knows all about great interior design business models, and she was happy to share her hard-earned wisdom with us during Dallas Market Center’s fall edition of Dallas Design Week.

Arch-Interiors designer and House Tipster host Christopher Grubb spoke exclusively with Molloy to hear about how BOLD International is helping shape the monetization and growth plans of design firms everywhere.

Christopher Grubb and Julia Molloy. Photography by House Tipster

Molloy helps companies large and small streamline and get their strategies and priorities in order. She also does quarterly intensives, which have been dubbed “Molloy Makeovers,” where she visits businesses to observe what’s not – in order to overhaul and up-level operations.

Julia Molloy. Photography by House Tipster

“I work with the interior design community, helping them to run their businesses better, to be total badasses, make more money, and really just reach their potential as designers,” Molloy said. “I do it in a few ways: certainly consulting.”

“Interior design is one of the most complex business models out there, and I don’t think people really understand that this is a real thing,” she added. “When you’re functioning at a certain level as a designer – and everyone needs help – finding that right help when you’re at that level can be challenging.”

Additionally, Molloy hosts the popular BOLD Summit, which brings together designers, honorees, and speakers to collaborate with and inform one another.

“We galvanize the leading designers around the world and really talk shop in a really intimate way,” Molloy said. “Not superficial basic theory stuff, but we share the [business] stuff and get down and dirty.”

To hear more from Christopher Grubb’s full interview with Julia Molloy at Dallas Market, be sure to catch a recap of House Tipster Industry’s live stream in the video player below.

Stay tuned for even more of our upcoming Dallas Design Week coverage, including more exclusive profiles and virtual tours around the market.

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