Here’s What Inspires Jane Seymour’s Art – Exclusive Video Interview

Jane Seymour recently presented her latest art exhibition, “California Colorist,” at Ocean Galleries in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. There, the House Tipster Industry team sat down with the actress, artist, designer, and philanthropist to hear about what inspires her creative energy.

From her earliest childhood days of first picking up paintbrushes to her current work, which she hopes influences others positively, the 68-year-old star has continuously found so much joy in creating works of art.

“Painting is just the greatest therapy for me,” Seymour shared with us. “That’s what I do for myself, that’s what makes me happy.”

Jane Seymour opens “California Colorist” at Ocean Galleries. Photography by House Tipster

She is constantly busy doodling and conceptualizing new pieces, drawing her inspiration from all of her experiences and the world around her.

“In fact, if I’m anywhere and there’s even just a pen and ink or a brush and one color, I just can’t stop,” she explained. “Once I get started, it’s very therapeutic and addictive. The juices flow and I forget to eat, drink, talk, or answer the phone. I am gone in another world.”

To hear our complete interview with Jane Seymour, be sure to check out House Tipster Industry’s exclusive sit-down video in the player below.

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