Barclay Butera and Castelle Join Forces for High Point Market 2019

The Spring 2019 High Point Market is all about designer and brand partnerships, and one of House Tipster Industry’s favorites comes courtesy of famed Southern California designer Barclay Butera and high-end outdoor furniture manufacturer Castelle Luxury.

Barclay Butera. Photography by House Tipster

The Barclay Butera Signature Collection, Butera’s first collection with Castelle, originally debuted in his favorite blue and white color combination. But here at High Point, a striking black and white display took center stage. This particular setup didn’t just turn heads here in North Carolina; it was also chosen as the furniture for The Breakers Palm Beach Resort.

Palm Springs, one of Butera’s newest lines for Castelle, is slightly more modern and angled than his Signature Collection, giving it an overall strong and masculine vibe. However, with 22 different finishes available, the right color choice can help add a feminine touch.

Butera’s Savannah Collection is completely unlike his other work in that it features a petite scale ideal for both sexes, and intricate bamboo detailing. Savannah’s softness and femininity are unparalleled, and it’s no surprise the line has been well-received here at Market.

Although Barclay Butera is known throughout the industry for his cool coastal hues, particularly shades of blue and white, he didn’t let his favorite color palette limit the Castelle finish options.

In fact, you can find anything from weathered wood and burnished red to turquoise and coral throughout his lines. These playful finishes bring liveliness to the furniture and can elevate any outdoor area.

It’s evident that we can expect big things from Barclay Butera!

To hear more from Christopher Grubb’s interview with Barclay Butera this High Point Market season, be sure to catch our exclusive Facebook live video recap below. Stay tuned as we unveil new interviews and brand-specific news from Market in the coming days.

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