Four Hands Launches New Collection at the 2021 High Point Market

Four Hands is officially launching their latest collection at the October High Point Market in Showplace Suite 4101 from October 16th to October 20th. Working alongside designer Thomas Bina, the enterprise will showcase the Fall 2021 Collection, which will hold over 900 pieces. They will all be categorized under ten different brackets, including art, rugs, lighting, and outdoor groups. 

Four Hands Vintage Floral Hand-Knotted Rug

Solely focusing on the themes of comfort and warmth, this new collection will feature assortments of vintage-inspired leathers and heavy textured upholstery like boucle, shearling, and corduroy.

Inside their 30,000 square-foot showroom, the leading wholesaler in lifestyle home furnishings  will present their agglomerate to all of the visiting attendants. Consistently traversing throughout their business locales, the Vice President of Design, Adam Dunn, led a team of designers and absorbed inspiration from unexpected places. 

One such location was the Round Top Antique Fair, an event held 80 miles outside of Austin, that takes place twice a year. Envision a haven with toe-tappin’ music, inspiring art, antiquing extravaganzas and an embodiment of Texan culture. This innovation will be representative of the hand-knotted rugs that display intricate premium patterns, meant to be bequeathed from generation to generation. 

Four Hands Samsa Hand-Knotted Rug

Completely handmade, from weave to finish, each rug will maintain 40 knots per square inch and will be discernibly designed with aged color variations.

The special few will end up being crafted with New Zealand wool for its unmatched quality in sheen and softness.

All of them are shaved down, achieving a worn, lived-in appeal to them. Offered in different sizes of 8×10’ and 9×12’, there will also be a 10×14′ size offered to attendants with larger living spaces.

“The art experience at the (High Point) market is going to be so different from what customers have seen before. It will be more curated and will display a breadth of technique, content type, and subject matter,” said the Vice President of Design. “Customers will have the ability to have self-expression when shopping our art because the pieces feel unique and one-of-a-kind, and can easily be blended among traditional, modern or more iconic styles.” 

Talents, such as Frank Wolsky, Aileen Fitzgerald, Coup d’Esprit and many others, will draw out their particular art methods to blend in different techniques. Collaging, hand sketching, and hand burning are just a few of the mentioned approaches that will be applied to the Fall 2021 Collection. Aside from the 900 pieces that will be in the exhibition, 100 of these pieces will be newly introduced.

Four Hands Light Play Three by Frank Wolsky
Four Hands Expanse by Aileen Fitzgerald
Four Hands Wilkes Ottoman

“The most surprising place we gathered inspiration was our own backyard – for instance, hitting up antique fairs just a few miles outside of Austin,” says Adam Dunn. “When times are tough and there’s an ongoing global pandemic, you have to rethink what you’re able to achieve.”

Thomas Bina collaborated with Brazilian designer Ronald Sasson, to mold pieces with sculptural curves and negative space that felt relevant, yet timeless. Another example of ingenuity through cultural revelation, Bina and Sasson combined unique materials like concrete and wood, weaving Brazilian elements to their designs. Inflated silhouettes, low profiles and strong lines instantly placated both sophistication and relaxation into their pieces.

Four Hands Enver Hand-Knotted Rug

Bina is renowned for his social conscientiousness, enveloping eco-friendly concepts into his work. By mixing North American black walnut, Brazilian Peroba Wood, Chilean Guanacaste and white oak with other reclaimed exotic hardwoods, he’s made quite the name for himself. 

“My passion is sourcing hard-to-find materials”, said Thomas Bina, “The material of wood itself gives me an amazing amount of creative ideas. I focus on using reclaimed wood in my designs and the wood I use has the most incredible characters and textures.”

Thomas has traveled throughout Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay to search for woods like louro preto, angelim, jatoba, roxinho, canafistula and imbuia. Most of these woods were salvaged from demolished areas like, “derelict buildings, old coffee factories and telephone poles.”

Ronald Sasson, the Brazilian designer that Bina will be working with, was a fine artist for seven years. Arriving back to Brazil, after a long time away, he self-taught himself how to design furniture. Throughout his journeys, he learned to merge authorial artistry as his base, combining industrial and replicative possibilities as his foundation.

Thomas Bina for Four Hands Beam Dining Table

Fortunately, new products are already available online at the Four Hands Marketplace for current consumers and shoppers. To become a trade customer, click on this link and to find a nearby retail store as a retail consumer, click on this link.

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