Miranda Kerr Releases Her Latest Collection, Tranquility, At The October HPMKT

One of the bigger highlights at this October’s High Point Market was Miranda Kerr’s release of furnishings, Tranquility. Collaborating with Universal Furniture, Kerr focused on the analogous theme of minimalism. The centralized concept of her collection was to design her pieces with recycled materials.

A pleasing and comforting piece Miranda was very excited to discuss was her Serenity Sofa piece. Made from 50% to 70% recycled cotton fibers, the mother of three discussed how the plush and cozy furnishing was inspired by her children. 

“My children have a lot of energy,” Miranda stated. Pointing out how in her family’s Malibu home, her boys “have spilled things on there.” Impressed by the material, she said, “I was so surprised at how easily you can just get a cloth and you can just wipe it off.”

Manufactured by the apparel industry Crypton Home Fabric, which is gold certified by GREENGUARD. A product that can be known as first-of-its-kind, the company’s ‘Performance Cotton Boucle’ is regarded to be an innovative defense against all kinds of grimy impediments. In regards to the sofa’s actual design, Miranda replied, “It’s actually the shape that, to me, feels very nurturing, almost like you’re being held, getting a hug. I love the shape and the soft curves.”

Amongst the other various works in her collection, Miranda had one other personal favorite, which was the Mode Vanity Desk. A piece that revolves around oval and circular elements, the Mode Vanity Desk was constructed to maintain sustainability and functionality in mind. On one side, it’s uniquely supported by a circular column aligned with a removable rose quartz-lined tray.

On the adjacent side, a wider circular column which is composed of four drawers, stacked atop each other. The desktop is integrated with a sizable drawer that is spacious enough for office supplies, jewelry, and makeup. Pensive on Miranda’s skincare line, KORA Organics, the rose quartz trays in her piece actually encapsulate the thematic role in her businesses. Rose crystals are recurrent in her branding and are, in fact, incorporated and filtered into the brand’s skincare products. 

On the subject of Kerr’s Mappa and Madrona burl veneers, Miranda ruminates on how Universal remodeled the burl wood with a lighter tone. “I was really impressed with the way that it came out because it actually goes very well with the neutral palette.” Admiring how the burl veneer can astonish the eyes and cohesively work with the rest of the space, Miranda said, “It has that depth to it, that’s why I love burl wood so much.”   

Inspired by the time Miranda spent in Paris, she focused on pieces that define chic and elegance. What she refers to as ‘Modern Parisian Style’, her designs were innovated by the time she spent in Paris. Reminiscing about the past, Miranda recalled, “We chose modern pieces for our home, some of them were custom-made, designed pieces that mixed really well with the traditional architecture in Paris. So I love that contrast, the chic, modern, sexy line with the traditional architecture.”

As the latest trends of the coming seasons begin to showcase newer products and brands, what most of the designers at the High Point Market can agree upon is the recent conception of sustainability. All of the great leaders in the industry have cooperated in the design and development of commodities that follow this approach. And with so many different companies taking the direction in social conscientiousness, it’s no surprise that so many creations are following this credo.

It is quite the heartening sight to consider when the collection designed and created by Miranda Kerr and Universal Furniture is following in this direction. Both collaborators were quite excited about their future projects.

According to the Vice President of Marketing, Neil MacKenzie, of Universal Furniture, “Both the collaboration and the support we’ve received from Miranda have been outstanding.” He mentions that the first collection, Love. Joy. Bliss., “has been very well received from customers around the world, and we couldn’t be more pleased with what we’ve accomplished together with the evolution of Miranda Kerr Home in Tranquility.”

Much like Tranquility, several other pieces in Kerr’s first collection utilizes performance fabrics from Crypton Home. Even before the introduction of working together, Miranda showed Universal Furniture a folder of designs she had already prepared. Wanting to get the ball rolling, Miranda took in the initiative to show her commitment in the collaboration. 

Universal Furniture was founded in 1968 and originally headquartered in High Point. A subsidiary of Samson Holdings, one of the leading manufacturers of vertically integrated furniture, the company represents fashion-oriented furniture. Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to see what else is in store for Miranda Kerr Home.

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