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Martyn Lawrence Bullard: Epitomizing Hollywood Glam

You likely know Martyn Lawrence Bullard from cable television programs like Million Dollar Decorators or Hollywood Me. You may also recognize his standout work, which has been featured in popular publications such as Elle Decor, Architectural Design, and Conde Nast.

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In Conversation with Bill McLoughlin of “Furniture Today” Magazine

As a 25-year veteran of the design and retail industry, Bill McLoughlin has been in the thick of design innovations, trends, and tide shifts. He’s seen the way technology has changed the retail experience, and how Millennials are altering the industry sells products. Bill has followed companies and trends both timeless and ephemeral, bold and classic, pricepoint-friendly and high-end.

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How Circle Design Studio Uses a Holistic Design Approach

John and Theresa first met while they were attending the same 10th-grade drafting class. A decade later, they ran into each other at a bar in Arizona; it was a total coincidence that has since shaped the course of their lives. Now, they are husband and wife – and a design couple shaking things up through their company, Circle Design Studio.

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