Caesarstone Debuts Eight New Designs At KBIS 2022

Caesarstone released eight new designs at KBIS this year. Celebrating their 35th anniversary, the company introduced surfaces inspired by nature. Included with these eight new introductions, Caesarstone is bringing its Pebbles Collection which features five additional designs.

The eight newly unveiled surfaces were essentially designed through the conceptual never-ending transformative properties of wind and water over stone. Renowned interior designer Brian Brown of Brian Brown Studio joined Caesarstone by unveiling three additional colors that held innovation in mind.

The newly introduced Pebbles Collection is meant to embody the bigger essence of small stones. With a palette of warm, dynamic monochromes laced with softer hues, the collection is completely enriched by distinctive textures. These designs were inspired by the everlasting path of the pebble, bringing the blessings of both sunlight and rain into the heart of the home. 

We are so pleased to continue to lead in design and sustainability with the innovation of our Pebbles Collection,” said Ken Williams, President of Caesarstone North America. “Nature is always evolving and imprinting its dynamic spirit on our sustainable surfaces. There has never been a greater need for calm and relaxation, so these designs bring that to the forefront for interiors across the globe.”


The Pebbles Collection consists of Riverlet, Wyndigo, Raindream, Stoneburst, and Agger Grey:

Riverlet is a gentle off-white touched by honied amber capillaries that flow softly across the surface, with Honed finish for a tinge of freshness that reflects more light in the kitchen. Available in honed finish.

Wyndigo Warm consists of earthy gradients washed over a soft greige surface veined with foamy greys, capturing a pebble’s two-toned mottled patina. Available in honed finish.

Raindream has two layers of slate greys accentuated by soft dark grey strokes contoured in neutral highlights with a finish that makes the surface look like a wet river stone. Available in polished finish.

Stoneburst contains two shades of sage grey with soft mineral undertones and subtle grey veining that complements this calm complexion. Available in honed finish.

Agger Grey is a rich two-toned base of warm smoky greys with delicate clay undertones and white veins that create a two-toned surface. Available in honed and polished finish.


The three other colors mentioned are Icellion, Darcrest, and Laylite:

Icellion is a stunning landscape of frosty whites pierced by elegant grey strokes that emulate grand geological movements and honors the enduring presence of nature. Available in polished finish.

Darcrest is a mysteriously dark earthy base, enriched by tiny spots and sediments with a veil of organic ochres and brownish greens like erosion on a rocky hillside. Available in honed finish.

Layalite is the purest white like fresh snow melting away in broad streaks spread out wide, softly exposing the rough greys of underlying metamorphic rock, creating an emotive effect. Available in polished finish.


I’m inspired by the blend of the human and the natural world and wanted to explore a relationship with nature and the built environment,” said designer Brian Brown of Brian Brown Studio. “Just like Caesarstone, the beauty of nature is built into a masterpiece that will stand the test of time. Within this seemingly straightforward design, we create visual moments by mixing textural and contrasting elements to celebrate the materials. Each component of the design stands on its own, but all of the elements support each other to create a result that is both beautiful and everlasting.”

As the leading manufacturer of premium quality quartz surfaces, Caesarstone is a pioneer in high-quality surfaces. By utilizing advanced technologies and expertise, Caesarstone continues to act as the industry’s leader, releasing new trends and colors of high quality surface consisting of up to 90 percent quartz.

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