Allison Eden Creates Colorful Pool Cabana for Holiday House Hamptons

No one uses color and pattern quite like Allison Eden, which is why it’s always exciting to see her latest imaginative pieces come to life. Her latest personality-filled work? The artist and designer has just created a whimsical pool cabana for this year’s Holiday House Hamptons charity show in Water Mill, New York.

House Tipster Industry host Alexis Parent of Alexis Parent Interiors was able to meet with Allison Eden, a longtime friend of our publication, at the 2019 show’s unveiling event.

Allison Eden and Alexis Parent

The two designers chatted about the colorful and eclectic space, which transitions the entire home from indoor to outdoor.

The entire area features several mosaic pieces from Brooklyn-based Allison Eden Studios and more custom artworks, including wall hangings, decorated pottery, and even a matching dog food and water bowl.

“I built my dream cabana, I mean everything that went into this cabana is my dream room,” Eden shared about her show house designs.

Throughout the space, you will also find many applications of Eden’s custom fabrics, which she created through a licensing project with LebaTex.

An array of tropical leaf print towels, floral pillows, and coordinating art prints make the entire outdoor area cohesive and fun.

To add an especially luxurious touch to the pool area, Eden added in a stunning flame fireplace that is equal parts glamorous and practical. It can immediately warm you up after you emerge from a dip in the water!

“I figured, when you get out of the pool… it’s only warm a few months out of the year,” the designer explained.

These thoughtful touches are really what makes the space outstanding.

In addition to the cabana’s colorful seating area and easy-to-use dressing room with Eden’s custom furniture designs, the space also features a colorful and vibrant shower filled with handmade, colorful floral appliqués from her friend Bonnie Greenfield at Bonnie’s Beautiful Blooms.

It is wonderful to see friends working together to bring cheerful energy to a worthwhile cause in this show house!

To take a virtual tour around Allison Eden’s colorful cabana space at the Holiday House home, be sure to check out our exclusive live stream video recap with the designers in the Facebook player below. Be sure to stay tuned for more interviews from this year’s Holiday House Hamptons contributors, coming soon to House Tipster Industry.

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