Elsa Soyars Unveils Nomad’s Bedroom at Holiday House Hamptons 2019

Elsa Soyars wanted to create an eclectic globetrotter’s hub for this year’s Holiday House Hamptons charity show in Water Mill, New York. Together with Cliff Young, the designer created a master bedroom suite called “A Nomad Mad World,” that is filled with elegant lighting, luxe furniture, and special collectibles.

“This design is inspired by my latest travels. Also by my love for beautiful yet comfortable spaces that speak to my heart,” Soyars shared in her show notes. “I find that when I am true to myself and my creative side, my design concepts are always well received.”

Elsa Soyars

House Tipster Industry host Alexis Parent of Alexis Parent Interiors was able to meet with Elsa Soyars at the 2019 show’s unveiling event, where she learned about the inspiration for each of the elegant touches placed throughout the room.

To outfit this luxurious space, Soyars worked with a group of top vendors and art houses, including Eva Art & Design Inc., The Carpetman, De Le Cuona, Samuel & Sons, Jim Thompson, Base Interiors, The Romo Group, Holly Hunt, Theodore Alexander, Maya Romanoff, and more.

Elsa Soyar Interior’s Master Bedroom

Special pieces include Cliff Young lighting, which are replicas of vintage fixtures, and risqué photography that adds boldness to an otherwise serene space.

“I wanted, in my area, to use all the things I love,” Soyars told us. “I feel like if you do things with heart, whatever speaks to you, it always has a good result. It’s all what I’m into these days.”

Soyars said she wanted the room to be a relaxing spot where the homeowner could step into and be “surrounded by all these interesting elements.” Any well-traveled client would love seeing their global collections and inspiring pieces everywhere in their bedroom!

To take a virtual tour around Elsa Soyars’ latest master bedroom design for the Holiday House home, be sure to check out our exclusive live stream video recap in the Facebook player below.

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