ID Creations’ Iris Dankner Creates Wellness Room at Holiday House Hamptons 2019

Designer Iris Dankner believes “your greatest wealth is your health,” which is why her firm ID Creations went all out to transform the gym at this year’s Holiday House Hamptons. The New York-based interior designer and charity show house founder and chair presented her latest work in Water Mill.

Photography by House Tipster

House Tipster Industry guest host Alexis Parent of Alexis Parent Interiors spoke with Iris Dankner at the 2019 charity show house’s unveiling event. Dankner also teamed up with Christopher Martin of Christopher Martin Gallery to create special art installations and lucite designs that give the entire space the zen feeling ID Creations craved.

“My work, I hope it to be meditative, and atmospheric in its presence,” Martin told us on scene at the show opening.

Alexis Parent, Christopher Martin and Iris Dankner

For Dankner, every part of this serene room was meant to express a different type of wellness and self-care. Martin’s work, combined with her own dream exercise space and machinery brought the whole idea together.

“My inspiration, as a 22-year breast cancer survivor, is about your body and soul and keeping everything about wellness,” Dankner shared. “What wellness means to me is the meditation and the calmness of the mind, but also the exercise and keeping your body toned. As you get older, it’s not only just to look good, but to feel good too.”

Photography by House Tipster
Photography by House Tipster

The space features a relaxing CBD room and a special space for Nohrd wooden-paneled exercise equipment that Dankner says is “very organic feeling” and the inspiration for the gym at large.

In addition to the great artwork in the space, Dankner presented a variety of luxurious specialty goods throughout every corner of her wellness room.

ID Creations worked with vendors like Taracea, Rasttro, California Closets, Nohrd, Tala LED, French Press with Elizabeth Eichner, Anthony Roberts, and more to outfit the space with the finest furniture, accessories, and gym equipment.

To take a virtual tour around the wellness room of this year’s Holiday House Hamptons, catch up with Iris Dankner and Christopher Martin in their exclusive Facebook live stream video interview with Alexis Parent below.

If you love what you see, make sure to stay tuned for more interviews from this year’s Holiday House Hamptons contributors, coming soon to House Tipster Industry.


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