MHM Interiors Brings the Power of Pink to the Holiday House NYC 2019

Canadian interior designer Mariem Horchani of MHM Interiors LLC created a fabulous pink-themed powder room for the Holiday House NYC 2019 show. It’s a perfect color in more ways than one, as the show, now celebrating its 12th annual event in Manhattan, is all about giving back to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

“The powder room design is centered on the power of pink,” Horchani shared in her show notes. “It doesn’t take a lot of pink to make an impact! The design conceptualizes the redefinition and evolution of pink, from powdery to powerful.”

Each designer participating in the Holiday House is tasked with renovating a room in a historical city building, inspired by a holiday or special life event. This powder room is inspired by Canada’s Day of Pink.

Mariem Horchani. Photography by House Tipster

“It’s is a special day in Canada that came about a year ago when some high school kids were picking on a gay student who was wearing a pink shirt,” Horchani explained to House Tipster Industry. “Some other classmates jumped in and defended him, and they came up with this day in Canada that they’re hoping to make an international day against discrimination.”

“There’s something about the color pink that resonated with me, it’s a color that has been redefined and has evolved from a color that used to be considered feminine and traditional and… is now empowered and powerful, and sometimes political” the designer added.

To outfit the space, Horchani created custom wallpaper with The Alpha Workshops + Benjamin Moore, and worked with vendors like MGBW Home, Evari Studio, and Loziana Tristate Painting. Of course, you can’t miss her display wall full of Mattel’s Barbie dolls, which bring an additional nostalgic charm to the room.

“When you see Barbie throughout the ages – she was founded in 1959 and it’s her 60th anniversary – she was very much the traditional kind of girly doll,” Horchani explained. “She is much more a woman of today, a transgender person of today, a woman of color of today – anything that she wants to be.”

Through December 15, guests will be able to see MHM Interiors’ work in action at 125 East 65th Street in Manhattan.

To hear more from Mariem Horchani at the Holiday House NYC 2019 show opening, be sure to press play on our exclusive video below.

Stay tuned for tons of exclusive design features, creator interviews, virtual tour videos, and more information on each room in the 2019 Holiday House NYC –all coming soon to House Tipster Industry.

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