Patrik Lönn Debuts Master Suite for Holiday House Hamptons 2019

Patrik Lönn’s luxurious living space for the Holiday House Hamptons 2019 show was inspired by early 20th century design with modern Scandinavian influence. His “Givenchy Gentleman’s Study” is the ultimate living room, study, and art gallery – all in one.

The designer was inspired by the location of the modern Water Mill, New York home, the site of this year’s charity-benefitting show, and modern classical design references.

Patrik Lönn

“Inspired by Hubet de Givenchy, I designed a comfortable luxurious study in spare lines, slender forms, and slim silhouettes – juxtaposing architectural lines and simplicity,” Lönn said in a statement. “This is curated carefully with accessories fit for the master himself. The chic contemporary architecture of this ‘home away from home’ brought me to imagine long cozy evenings of reading and lounging leisurely, much as a Givenchy Gentleman from the late 60s – in a room made for modern timeless living.”

House Tipster Industry host Alexis Parent of Connecticut-based Alexis Parent Interiors spoke exclusively with Lönn at an early press unveiling of the show, where he detailed more of the pieces that make this main level master suite so special.

Lönn worked with Stark Carpet, Free Forms NYC, Phillip Jeffries, Waltros Restoration, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York Custom Furnishings, and more to create an elegant and masculine space that is actually very livable and functional.

Patrik Lönn

The silk, embossed magnolia wallpaper and daring photography from rising Danish artist Trine Søndergaard are easily among the standout features in the room. Together, they work to balance the darker and lighter elements of the space.

“[The wallpaper] makes this Hampton-y look that softens it here,” Lönn explained. “It’s a very masculine room, but it does have a bit of femininity with the flowers.”

To see more from Patrik Lönn’s conversation with Alexis Parent, and to take a look around this beautiful Holiday House space, be sure to check out our exclusive live stream video recap in the Facebook player below.

Stay tuned for more of our exclusive show home videos and designer interviews from Holiday House Hamptons 2019, coming soon to House Tipster Industry.

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