Betty Wasserman Presents Tranquil Living Room at Holiday House 2019

The Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors team created a beautifully serene living room for the Holiday House Hamptons 2019 show in Water Mill, New York. The show house’s contemporary barn-style building and ocean-side location were the inspirations for the tranquil and relaxing space.

“The ‘Bygone Beach’ living room is inspired by a nod to the past, and an excitement about the future,” Wasserman said in a statement. “The Modern Farmhouse lends itself to the sophisticated client who appreciates modern furniture, but who also enjoys a relaxed weekend at the beach entertaining friends and family. The artwork and furnishings in this living room elevate the conversation, while keeping the space warm and inviting.”

Eric Striffler

House Tipster Industry host Alexis Parent of Alexis Parent Interiors spoke with marketing consultant Jennifer McGraw at an early press unveiling of the charity-benefitting show, where we learned more about Wasserman’s chosen color palette, and the special pieces that make this room stand out.

Jennifer McGraw and Alexis Parent

“When you think of the Hamptons, you think of blue sky and blue water, so you can see that,” McGraw told us. “[Wasserman] really takes great pride in her artwork, it’s really very special. The waves of the ocean, similar to the barn architecture, are very forgiving and allows any style to really work.”

Eric Striffler

Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors worked with Dennis Miller, BDDW, Ralph Pucci, Odegard, Rubelli, Robin Rice Gallery, Pierre Frey, Holly Hunt, De Le Cuona, Janus et Cie, and more fine artists and vendors to outfit this living room with special art and luxurious upholstery.

Eric Striffler

Highlights in the space include local artist Joel Perlman’s impressive black sculpture, and Anne Raymond’s artwork on the expansive walls.

“The theory behind Anne Raymond’s art is that everything in this room, which has a little bit of a mid-century modern feel with clean lines, and the artwork goes out of those lines.”

To see more from the Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors space at the Holiday House home, be sure to check out our exclusive live stream video recap in the Facebook player below.

Stay tuned for more of our exclusive show home videos and designer interviews from Holiday House Hamptons 2019, coming soon to House Tipster Industry.

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