Hearth Cabinet Displays Innovative Fireplaces at ICFF 2019

Hearth Cabinet Ventless Fireplaces is a brand known for luxury and innovation. During ICFF 2019 in New York City, the company demonstrated some of its hottest designs that combine form and function with flair.

House Tipster host and Arch-Interiors designer Christopher Grubb was able to speak exclusively with Arthur Lasky – the president, owner, and creative director of Hearth Cabinet – at this season’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Through their discussion, we learned how the brand has developed stunning ventless fireplaces that can bring warmth and energy to any space: indoor, outdoor, urban, or tiny!

Arthur Lasky and Christopher Grubb. Photography by House Tipster

The company’s standout product all started with an idea to pull off a seemingly impossible task.

“About 15 years ago, I have a colleague who lived in a high-rise. He wanted to have a fireplace in his apartment, and is often the case, I had to say no because he didn’t have a chimney. He didn’t have a flute,” Lasky explained. “It’s a common story.”

Photography by House Tipster

“He said, ‘I have an idea,’ and usually as an architect or a designer, you think nobody knows anything about design other than you,” Lasky joked. “But he had a really brilliant idea, which was our fuel cell. It’s alcohol and water mixed together in a single-use cartridge. It’s a very safe way to do it, and then we decided to build a wonderful, beautiful, custom, and highly-safe surround to it, and that’s all the metal elements you’re seeing.”

Photography by House Tipster

To change out cartridges requires “no expertise and no tools,” Lasky said.

“You simply open the safety screen, which is locked to prevent tampering or a child, or somebody who gets a little overly rambunctious at a party,” he said. “You open it by unlocking it, lift the screen up, put the cartridge in, take the lid off, and light it with a long fireplace match. Then you sit back and enjoy it for two hours.”

Photography by House Tipster

Over the company’s history, the brand has developed new products stemming from similar customer concerns and dream product ideas – like a standalone box-type arrangement.

“As we advanced working on elements more, people would ask us if we could do things, and I said, ‘well, I guess we can!'” Lasky said.

Photography by House Tipster
Photography by House Tipster

“We know how to design, and we make everything here in the U.S., actually in New York, which allows us to have very tight control over our shops. So somebody said, ‘Can I get two-sided, I want to put it in between two rooms,’ and that then evolved into us doing a four-sided element, so you can do any combination of solid, glass, and screen for indoors and outdoors.”

To see more from Hearth Cabinet’s ICFF booth, be sure to watch a recap of our Facebook live video with Christopher Grubb and President Arthur Lasky in the player below.

Stay tuned for more exclusive brand coverage and expert interviews straight from ICFF 2019, coming soon to House Tipster Industry.

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