Imagine Home Showcases Sustainable Designs at HPMKT Spring 2019

Imagine Home is a luxury lifestyle brand worth looking out for. The company features a range of sustainably-sourced, artisan-crafted home accessories and upholstered furniture, which were on fine display at the biggest home furnishings market in the world.

Patti Carpenter and Staci Lantz

During this April season’s High Point Market show in North Carolina, Trend Ambassador Patti Carpenter and the House Tipster Industry team had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Staci Lantz, the owner of Imagine Home, who shared a bit of her company’s history and current offerings.

“Imagine Home started out as a line devoted to artisans,” Lantz said. “The idea was to incorporate artisans goods’ into all of our products.”

The company works with several fine crafts groups around the globe, including several empowering women’s collectives that creates jobs for artists in lower-income communities. Every single piece has a purpose to fulfill, and works together to make a larger impact.

“The idea of having a product that is really economically generating an income for an individual is paramount,” Lantz said. “For me, [it’s] anything that has a purpose.”

Throughout Imagine Home’s booth space at High Point Market this April, visitors could easily notice a distinctly blue and white, coastal-living inspired vibe.

This beautifully cohesive trend emerged out of the work of the artisans themselves, who found natural materials like organic cotton, recycled materials such as repurposed denim, and fresh indigo dyes to be great sustainable options.

“Indigo just happened to be a very popular product for most of our artisans because it was readily available, and was something they could grow in their own gardens,” Lantz explained. Through it, “we get pops of not only color, but texture.”

As part of the new showings, you can find cloth table napkins hand-embroidered by a women’s group in Pakistan, organic cotton fabrics sourced from Mali, organically-made and hand-loomed bedding options from Ethiopia, custom artworks made in-house, Guatemalan melamine plates from an organization that benefits rehabilitating street gang members, and so many more truly special options.

To hear more from Patti Carpenter’s conversation with Staci Lantz, and take a virtual tour around the Imagine Home space at High Point Market, be sure to check out House Tipster Industry’s exclusive live video stream recap in the Facebook post below.

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