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Jennifer Farrell unveils Calif. vineyard show home ‘Calibu’

Jennifer Farrell, of Jennifer Farrell Designs, has been creating showcase homes for years, but she has never been able to achieve her vineyard dreams. That is, until now.

“Each time I’ve [created a showcase home], I have had this romantic notion of building a vineyard,” she said. “I’ve always been a Francophile and I’ve always loved wine and the South of France and the vineyard lifestyle.” 

While she has considered implementing a vineyard into past projects, it had never been practical, but with her newest project, Calibu, her vineyard dreams are coming true.

Jennifer Farrell image
Jennifer Farrell

“This particular home on 3 and a half acres with a flat pad of land was really a perfect spot.”

Farrell’s newest project, Calibu, allows her to create the vineyard of her dreams. Secured within the Santa Monica mountains, the home is called “Calibu” for its location – halfway between Calabasas and Malibu.

The unique location is perfect for growing Grenache. According to Farrell, Malibu coast winds are locked within the mountain at night, creating conditions of very hot daytime temperatures and very cold nighttime temperatures. 

The home was originally built in the 1980s, designed in an English Tudor style. Farrell is renovating it to be what she calls a “Modern Montauk” style. 

“We are keeping the footprint of the house,” described Farrell. “We are keeping most of the layout. I want to keep some of those elements of traditionalism but with a very modern twist.” 

One example of how the designer intends to decorate the home is the unique style of the living room.

“[In our two story living room,] we are keeping the intricate wood paneling that is in the 20-foot high room but we are painting it stark white so it gives it a fresh spin,” she said. “We have lots of modern lighting up against very traditional walls. There are lots of elements of that traditional past but retranslated in a very modern way.”

This living room is one element that Farrell feels is “some of the most interesting and unique parts of the project.” 

The room will also feature 19 ft. traditional paneling, floor-to-ceiling windows, a stunning 6-foot chandelier, Hector Landgrave furniture, Emser tiles, a fireplace, herringbone faux wood flooring, and even beautiful stonework bordering the room.

“It’s a beautiful integration of so many of our brands and it will be such a statement room,” she said. 

Farrell is also excited about the home’s tasting room, an area of the home dedicated to relaxing and testing the sophisticated wines from Calibu’s vineyard.

The room is 1000 square feet featuring a bar, tasting room area, lounge area with relaxed seating, as well as a gaming area with custom heirloom quality billiards and ping pong tables from brand 11 Ravens. 

“I think having a space that is a tasting room is something exciting and different that will not only be beautiful, but will be a great entertaining space.”

Calibu Vineyard
Calibu’s newly painted two-story, show-stopping living room. Credit: Calibu Vineyards on Instagram

Calibu was created in collaboration with The International Surface Event (TISE), a global flooring, stone, and tile industry event. 

“The International Surface Event has been a wonderful partner of mine because I was their Design Visionary 2020, and I have had such wonderful experiences working with them and some of their project partners,” said Farrell. “Once we purchased this project to develop into Calibu Vineyard, they were my first call.”

The partnership between Farrell and TISE has led to an 18-month marketing and media campaign, as well as a plethora of luxury brands being featured in the home.

Recently, Calibu attended the June 2021 TISE event in Las Vegas, with Jennifer Farrell speaking on the main stage as well as Calibu having a spot on the showroom floor.

“The International Surface Event has partnered with us since the beginning and they will be with us until the end, and beyond.”

The California home will be used as a show home first, with virtual experiences, in-person experiences, as well as plenty of media coverage, including a campaign with Luxe Magazine, and even a television show with TISE TV. Once its stint as a show home is completed, the home will become a private home and working vineyard.

A before-and-after sneak preview, published to Calibu’s Instagram in 2020.

Calibu features a wide range of brands, with some of the best of the industry being featured throughout the home. 

“We have amazing partners on this project, without them the vision I had would not be as nearly as magnificent in reality,” said Farrell. “They are creating a reality with me.”

Some highlights include Ferguson for appliances and fixtures, with the brands Monogram, GE, and House of Rohl being represented. 

Lamps Plus is the home’s exclusive source for lighting, with beautiful lighting fixtures from the brand being used throughout the home.

“They are bringing in some of the most beautiful, dramatic, over scaled, and luxurious pieces you could imagine.”

Hector Landgrave offers furniture for public spaces as well as the master suite. 

“Their furniture is the most elegant luxurious bespoke heirloom pieces,” said Farrell. “They are absolutely stunning and they are contract grade, meaning they are incredibly durable and perfect for hospitality and yet they are the most beautiful, luxurious pieces you could imagine.”

Some other brands include Best Cheer Stone, offering quartzite, marble, and quartz stone features throughout the home; Emser Tile, which created the living room’s herringbone faux wood flooring, as well as porcelain slabs and room tiles; and finally Anderson Tuftex, under the Shaw Floors umbrella, gives the home its beautiful carpet.

Farrell is also collaborating with Visualizer Plus, a 3D rendering service, to create the show home’s virtual experience.

The brand is creating an entirely virtual 19-room tour of the space, with some virtual assets being created before the real one is constructed. 

“It’s so photorealistic that it is impossible to tell that the kitchen hasn’t already been built,” she said. 

The project is currently scheduled for completed construction in April 2022.

Calibu is the newest project after a long interior design career. Farrell is nationally known for hosting the long-running A&E home improvement series, “Find & Design,” as well as co-starring in the Emmy nominated OWN series “Home Made Simple,” and hosting two web series for msn.com, “Cleaning & Organizing from Top to Bottom” and “The Two Minute Home Makeover.” Currently, Farrell hosts “Find Me a Vacation Home” on AWEtv, as well as hosting A&E’s “Point, Click, Design” and “The Big Fix.” Other projects include being a contributor on Hallmark Channel’s Emmy nominated “Home & Family,” being a real estate correspondent for Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends Weekend,” as well as being a writer for realtor.com with a column titled “Get This Look.” Farrell also has a popular furniture and home decor brand Jennifer Farrell Collection, which is featured in nearly 1400 stores nationwide. More information on Jennifer Farrell and her projects are available on her personal site.

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