Dunn-Edwards Adds 10 New White Paints to Perfect Palette Color System

Paint brand Dunn-Edwards recently introduced 10 new white shades to its Perfect Palette color system, amping up the existing collection offering with new neutrals, cool tones, and warm whites.

The refreshing collection is all about higher-hiding whites, so paint jobs require less coats for truly perfect coverage without the wait time.

“While the whites collection of Perfect Palette was a great start, consumer tastes constantly evolve; therefore, these 10 new whites reflect the changing landscape of the use of whites,” the brand shared on its blog. “Truth is, white is never just white — as so many variations of this shade provide countless way to change the appearance of a room. With its vast versality, whites provide both starring and supporting roles in design.”

Of course, the timeless and classic shade range also works perfectly with Dunn-Edwards’ pastel Color of the Year 2020 pick, Minty Fresh.

Photo via Dunn-Edwards

The 10 new shades include Almond Milk (DEHW01), which Dunn-Edwards describes as “a soft warm and fresh white that creates an inviting space,”; White Daisy (DEHW02), “a brighter, crisp white with a touch of warmth that plays well with other colors, yet can stand on its own,”; Coconut Grove (DEHW03), “a neutral, bright white that is clear and clean and a perfect pairing for pastels,”; Swiss Meringue (DEHW04), “a neutral, soft white that balances warmth and coolness,”; At First Light (DEHW05), “a neutral white with depth that is perfect for modern and traditional projects,”; North to Alaska (DEHW06), “a neutral, cooler white that is crisp and clean,”; Sugar Swizzle (DEHW07), “a neutral, cooler white with depth to avoid a sterile look,”; Classic White (DEHW08), “a cool white that is illuminating and pure,”; Be Cool (DEHW09), “a cool white that is brilliant and sparkling with energy, great for trim work and modern spaces,”; and Icy White (DEHW10), “a cool white that’s snowy and bright,” according to the brand.

All are great options for residential, office, and hospitality spaces – and wherever you need a crisp new refresh!

The full collection will be available in mid-2020, according to the Dunn-Edwards website. Professional color cards can be requested now.


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