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Ace Hardware Names On the Green January 2020 Color of the Month

Each month, Ace Hardware‘s Paint Studio reveals its Color of the Month pick for the upcoming 30 days ahead.

Clark + Kensington’s On the Green 29C-7

Kicking off the new year strong this January 2020, the shade being featured by the brand is Clark + Kensington‘s On the Green 29C-7.

“There is a constant need to find grounding elements in our busy lives,” The Paint Studio shared on its website. “Colors inspired by nature inspire harmony and renewal, creating a refreshing, organic ambiance in your home.”

As many paint brands have noted in their trending Color of the Year 2020 selections, the start of this new decade and year is all about finding peace, reveling in the calm, and returning to nature.

Clark + Kensington’s On the Green 29C-7. Photography via Ace Hardware

This shade invites us to do all of the above, while still indulging in the luxury of rich color.

“Seek balance and draw inspiration from nature,” Ace Hardware shared. “Rich, velvety walls draped in this verdant jewel tone elevate the style of a room and instantly put your mind at ease.”

Not sure how to incorporate this vibrant green into your design scheme?

“For a natural look, pair with shades of concrete gray, mid-toned yellow or mineral blue,” The Paint Studio recommends.

“As an accent wall, this striking color allows framed artwork and décor elements to stand out. Try painting a favorite dresser or coffee table to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece.”

The brand has specifically recommended On the Green as a complementary color to gray, yellow, and blue shades like Stone Fireplace N-C12, Citron 21B-5, and Chagres River 33B-6.

Stay tuned for more brands’ top Color of the Month picks, coming each month to House Tipster Industry.

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