KBIS First-Timer Elegant Mosaics Proves Customization is King

In an ever-changing industry, it’s sometimes hard to make your brand and product stand out. Trends come and go, customer needs are constantly evolving, and it seems like there’s a new, “better” way to market your brand every season.

But it’s evident that Elegant Mosaics has found the secret formula for success: customization.

Christopher Grubb, Sam Cohen, David Cohen and Serena Martin

As one of the biggest new names at the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, brothers David and Sam Cohen understand that in order to have a strong industry presence, you have to offer something that no one else is doing.

Having owned and operated Rock Bottom Tile & Stone since 2008, the siblings came into the world of mosaics with a great understanding of natural stone. They launched Elegant Mosaics in 2018, wanting to dive further into the world of tiling and create a platform for designers to make their dreams a reality.

“We want to help designers not just select, but design…and have a hand in creating a signature look,” Dave explained to House Tipster host Christopher Grubb and guest host Serena Martin from ZUO.

Using Elegant Mosaic’s trade-specific Design-Play-Create system, industry professionals can create their own patterns and color schemes perfect for each individual project.

Although custom designs are notoriously expensive and time-constraining, Sam and Dave are proud to say that most personalized mosaics only require a two-week lead time at Elegant Mosaics. Plus, all products delivered throughout the mainland United States ship free (yes, free!) “We leverage American manufacturing to provide unique resources to the design community,” Sam added.

Aside from custom options, Elegant Mosaics also carry a 400 SKU-selection of ready-to-ship mosaics, including their own line and designer-led collections from the industry’s most respected stars, including Donna Moss, Rachel Moriarty, and Sarah DeAnna.

Next up, Elegant Mosaics is working on a floor-to-ceiling wall mural for ZUO’s High Point Market booth. The Cohen brothers are also scheduled to sit on the discussion panel for a lecture on Design Inspiration and Customization at High Point alongside Serena Martin and featuring Christopher Grubb as the panel moderator.

Customization. Individuality. Handmade. American-made. Sam and Dave Cohen of Elegant Mosaics are hitting all the high notes, and are establishing themselves as a force in the design world.

Tipster TV has released the full facebook LIVE episode from our special interview, be sure to check it out below.

You’re going to hear a lot about these guys in the future. Stay tuned!

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