Belwith-Keeler Debuts New Collections at KBIS & IBS

There’s something to be said for experience, and experience is exactly what Belwith-Keeler offers their customers.

Knikki Grantham

Since the company began manufacturing hardware in 1893, Belwith-Keeler has created an astounding 330,000 different fixtures for applications throughout the entire home.  During the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), Trend Manager Knikki Grantham gave House Tipster an exclusive look at the new products they’re bringing to market for 2019.

Finding Inspiration

For Grantham and her four-person design team, the majority of the inspiration for their trend-forward designs comes from fashion and social media; nothing is random or unintentional.

If they happen to notice that an Instagram post gets 2 million likes, they take a closer look to see what they can extract from that image. Currently, Belwith-Keeler designers are studying the biggest trends from Fashion Week and finding ways to incorporate those looks into 2021’s hardware collections.

Once they pinpoint “what’s hot,” the design team meets with their furniture manufacturing partners to ensure their ideas are on-par with the furniture’s design trajectory.

But the design’s true test comes along during events like KBIS when Grantham presents her hardware creations to other market professionals. “We validate our designs at market shows,” she

Diversity of Styles

Belwith-Keeler’s diversity of styles and designs was on full display at KBIS, starting with the Chrysalis Collection, a line created for Hooker Furniture with Cynthia Rowley.

Chrysalis shines with crystal-mimicking glass in clear, black, or turquoise, which is adorned at each end with a  decadent wire wrap. It’s the perfect accent for those looking to add a glitzy look to a simple cabinet.

For a less glamorous yet more industrial look, check out Verge Collection’s knurled accents, or Sinclaire’s modern-meets transitional deco look, inspired by the television show American Horror Story.

Cullet, a fan favorite, was inspired by none other than designer Christopher Guy’s brand new High Point showroom. The space featured broken mirror shards arranged on an accent wall; a design Grantham used to create Cullet’s mosaic aesthetic.

Inspiration comes from other sources as well, including current events. For example, Grantham designed the crown-shaped Monarch Collection in response to the fervor surrounding the royal wedding.

For consumers who prefer more traditional, simple hardware, particularly for busy spaces needing a minimalist touch, Belwith-Keeler offers Brownstone. “You can have all the bling in the world, but sometimes you need some vanilla,” Grantham joked.

But Wait, There’s More

With 35 current collections available, Belwith-Keeler offers an unparalleled selection of quality hardware. But simply choosing your design is just the first step, because there are also roughly 3,000 finishes to sort through as well.

Not surprisingly, Belwith-Keeler customers are favoring black and gold finishes with recessed texture and depth. However, Grantham expects a shift toward hardware with powder-coated white sheens 2021 and beyond.

With so many new designs debuting for 2019, it seems to be an exciting time for Belwith-Keeler!

Tipster TV has released the full facebook LIVE episode from our special interview, be sure to check it out below.

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