Pfister Presents UFFIZI and Tenet Collection at 2019 KBIS

When you think about plumbing companies, does Pfister come to mind? If so, you’re not alone.

Marcio Lucas

Since 1910, Pfister has been at the forefront of the industry; bringing new designs and technology to the market at breakneck speed, and becoming a household name in the process. “Plumbing is our forte,” said Marcio Lucas, a senior product marketing manager at Pfister during the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

Pride in design is just one of the ways Pfister differentiates themselves from other similar companies. A team of Pfister designers travels the globe, visiting trade shows and finding inspiration for future designs in everything from cars, boats, and trains to fashion. Although the process is, at times, extensive, the result is a robust collection of customer-friendly yet innovative products for kitchens and bathrooms.  

UFFIZI for Fortis

There was no greater example of Pfister’s design prowess than in the UFFIZI faucet, sold under the company’s Fortis brand.

The faucet is made from glass hand-blown in Italy and features a chrome troth and sleek design. But the design doesn’t start and stop here. Since the vessel is transparent, you can watch the water rise and fall when turning the fixture on and off.

It’s an engaging, remarkable product never seen before in North America.

The Tenet Collection

The Tenet Collection, Pfister’s new minimalist collection, also debuted at KBIS after two years of fine-tuning. Tenet is all about the crisp lines, small footprint, and low profile– and is a direct response to trends Pfister designers noticed throughout the industry.

The Tenet showerhead epitomizes this streamlined “minimalist” look with a dual-purpose wand with button-activated water diverter. Although the technology is advanced, the unit is designed to replace an existing showerhead.


When it comes to finishes, Pfister has ample options. However, brushed gold and matte black continue to remain ongoing favorites.

Pfister stays ahead of the pack by focusing equally on decoration and function. Lucas explained it best: “We’re creating a lot of new products… and our goal here is to make them clean, make them elegant.”

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