Nathan Turner Talks “I Love California” Book at Las Vegas Market 2019

During this Summer 2019 season of Las Vegas Market, Million Dollar Decorators designer Nathan Turner hosted an inviting event for his book, I Love California: Design and Entertaining the West Coast Way.

Our host, Arch-Interiors designer Christopher Grubb, spoke exclusively with the author at the soiree in the Wendover Art Group showroom, to hear all about this “multi-sensory tour” of Turner’s home state – and his commitment to living a well-rounded lifestyle.

Christopher Grubb and Nathan Turner. Photography by House Tipster

“The inspiration for the book is obviously my home state,” Turner explained. “I grew up in northern California, my family has a cattle ranch. Weekends and summers were spent on the ranch, cooking, [and] entertaining was always a part of my life. It’s one of those things that just happened, and I didn’t even think about it.”

Nathan Turner. Photography by House Tipster

“When I got into the design business, I always wanted to infuse that into my work, and into my life, really,” he added. “The book is a celebration of that, and the idea that us as creatives in the design industry don’t have to do just one thing. I always say, what good is a pretty house if there’s not good food on the table. It’s all-encompassing.”

Turner hopes that readers will find some California-cool lifestyle inspiration as they flip through the pages of his book.

Beautiful photos and personal storytelling bring all of his visions to life.

“I really want to inspire people to gather and entertain, and just do it,” Turner said. “I say in the book, look, if you don’t cook, then set a pretty table and do takeout. It’s whatever inspires you to actually do it.”

To hear more from Nathan Turner, including a closer look at his career journey, catch his full conversation with House Tipster Industry in the Facebook Live stream recap player below.

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