Michelle Workman

You’d assume that born and bred Los Angeleno Michelle Workman would center her celebrity-endorsed interior design business in the heart of Hollywood, but this adventurous designer had other plans.

Michelle Workman

As of 2013, Workman relocated her family and her business, Michelle Workman Interiors, to a new hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee. The south, it seems, was a natural fit for Workman and her family to raise children, feel a part of the community, and continue building a thriving business.

Although she’s acquired an enviable client roster of A-list celebrities over the years and is as in-demand as ever, her services are accessible to anyone!

Here’s the scoop on the fabulous and talented Michelle Workman.


Growing up, Workman knew she’d work in the art world in some capacity; she just didn’t know how it would all come together. After realizing that being a “starving artist” simply wasn’t an option for her, she stumbled upon design, and her new career fell right into place.

Atherton Estate Project. Courtesy of Michelle Workman

Making a name for herself in the world of interior design was an organic process. It all started when Workman was tasked with designing for a fundraising event and was approached by a celebrity attendee who was impressed with her work. Designing for that client opened her up to more referrals, and business started booming.

Atherton Estate Project. Courtesy of Michelle Workman

By the time Workman was putting the wheels in motion to relocate to southeastern Tennessee, she had designed for everyone from John Travolta to Leah Remini. She was known for her discretion, her top-notch service, and impeccable follow-through.

Remaining Accessible

Whether she’s collaborating with clients at Michelle Workman Interiors, located on Chestnut Street in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, or brainstorming in her vibrant home office, Workman strives to ensure her clients wind up with the space of their dreams.

Lafayette Split Level Ranch Project. Courtesy of Michelle Workman

Even though she’s far away from the LA-scene, Workman continues to design for celebrity clientele, but she equally enjoys working with regular customers.

Lafayette Split Level Ranch Project. Courtesy of Michelle Workman

A common misconception is that because she’s worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, that her services are not accessible or pricepoint-friendly, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of location or budget, Workman can accommodate each client’s specific needs.

Defining her Designs

Browsing through Workman’s portfolio, it’s hard to overlook how important color, texture, and patterns are in her designs.

She readily admits that back in LA, neutral tones like greys, whites, and beiges dominated the scene. However, it’s a whole other story in the South where color is king. Workman’s use of richer hues like eggplant, sunflower yellow, and fuchsia creates fun, eclectic, completely personalized spaces.

Los Feliz Georgian Project. Courtesy of Michelle Workman

While at High Point Market in 2018, she told House Tipster, “I think that I am color-forward. I don’t always have clients who are color-forward, but I definitely like punches of color.”

Couple those colors with her use of feminine and subtle geometric patterns and textures, and you get Workman’s signature style that verges more traditional than contemporary.

Los Feliz Georgian Project. Courtesy of Michelle Workman

Art-deco influences also abound in her work, partly because it was the style she grew up around in Los Angeles. “For me, art deco is the ultimate transitional form. You can use it in any interior,” said Workman. She appreciates the clean lines, modern styles, and classic forms that characterize art deco designs and provide a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

From One-of-a-Kind to Universal

In each of Workman’s interior designs, she likes to add one or two completely custom pieces of furniture or decor, which helps make the space even more customized and special.

Thankfully, her product designs are now available to all consumers through product lines with French Heritage, Pyar & Co., and her own line, MW Originals.

Between the Sheets Bed. Courtesy of Michelle Workman

The Facet Collection with French Heritages infuses Workman’s iconic Hollywood glam-meets-nature look. Exotic textures and patterned woods complement metallic and colorful accents throughout the line.  The Hanky Panky Slipper Chair is a fan-favorite, as is the Daiquiri Table.

Hanky Panky Slipper Chair. Courtesy of Michelle Workman

The fabric trims throughout the collaborative line with Pyar and Co. also speak to Workman’s aesthetic; balancing light and dark colors with bold yet feminine styles perfect for adding that “special finishing touch.”

All of Workman’s designs reflect the styles she uses in her interiors for clients and herself!

A Final Note

What’s so refreshing and inspiring about Michelle Workman is that she’s all about giving her clients the freedom to express themselves through their home. Workman encourages her clients to provide her with all the information she needs to create a home that personifies the people who live within.

“Everyone has quirks, loves, hates- and their own sense of aesthetic… No person is one-layered, and neither is a house. Rather, it should be a symphony of notes creating an entirely emotional response that is at once beautiful, heartfelt, and home.”

We are thrilled to know Michelle Workman, and we’re excited to watch her career continue to flourish.

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