Luis Blasini

Art and design are in Luis Blasini’s blood. His appreciation for fine furniture is practically genetic. And his family legacy is made up of generations of builders and furniture-makers dedicated to their craft – which is likely why Blasini is so dedicated to his. Now the president, CEO, and co-founder of Miami-based Kannoa premium outdoor furnishings, this multi-talented creator had his beginnings in the art world of Venezuela.

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Kannoa Displays Colorful Outdoor Furniture Options at ICFF Florida 2018

Miami-based brand Kannoa manufactures outdoor furniture that can transform your space into a tropical getaway. The House Tipster team spoke with Luis Blasini, Co-Founder of Kannoa, and Sebastien Manni, Global Sales Director, at the brand’s ICFF Florida 2018 showcase this December, to hear all about how their colorful and creative product lines came to be.

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