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Matthew Usukumah Talks About the Multitudes Of Photography

Moving to New York in 2003, Matthew Usukumah traveled stateside with his mother, brother, and sister to live with his father at the early age of 11. During his formative years, he had lived in the small town of Scarsdale in Westchester. Though it may have taken him longer than he’d realize, he’d envision where his passions in creativity and storytelling would take him.

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Samson Tonton, The Atlas Of Canvases And Colors

Originally from Haiti, Samson Tonton came to the US to live with his mother. Now residing in Norwich, Connecticut, Samson began his professional painting career back in 2015, about seven years ago. After graduating with his degree in computer animation from the Art Institute Of Boston, Samson immersed himself back into his first love, the initial passion he honed, drawing and painting.

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